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Fortid originally hail from Iceland. They were formed as one-man outfit in 2002 by Einar Thorberg Guðmundsson ‘Eldur’ (think: Potentiam, Curse, Thule, and recently also in Den Saakaldte or Midnattsvrede).


Greek band W.E.B. (it seems to be the abbreviation for where everything begun) were formed about twelve years ago. They recorded some material that was pretty popular in their home country, but outside Greece they never really broke through. And despite the acceptable quality of this third full length studio album, I am not sure they will now.

The Tower

This Swedish band was founded after the trio of brothers Erik (vocals) and August (guitar) along with their friend Viktor (bass) moved from the woods in the North to Uppsala (in order to attend University to “study the science of harvesting the earth), where they encountered drummer Tommie Eriksson (a Russian refugee with a past in the bands Ligament, Nocturnal Rites, Therion, Shadowseed and  a still lasting membership with Saturnalia Temple –


I guess it's a fair assumption to state that any artist is into what he does for the appreciation he might get, and generally speaking you'll find 'em pleased to be tagged a certain way, being categorized as belonging to a certain genre or sub-genre. I mean, it's quite “human nature” to “belong” (or appeal) to a certain group of people, right? History however, has shown us that sóme individuals will walk another road, developing artistic styles outside the “norm”...individuals which later gain followers, and which are then seen as pioneers!

The Wounded Kings

Despite a huge variety within the first and last efforts, I have always appreciated The Wounded Kings’ Doom a lot. Both first albums (Embrace Of The Narrow House and The Shadows Over Atlantis), as well as In The Chapel Of The Black Hand, do belong to my favourite Doom albums in the year they had respectively been released (i.e. 2008, 2010 and 2011). When it comes to the latter, it was the first one with a new vocalist, a female one this time.


Doom Metal fans may have wondered what singer Eric Wagner has been up to, after his departure from Chicago's legendary Trouble (with whom he served from 1979 to 1986...when the band went on a hiatus, and then again from 1993 on)...well, we now find our answer with the release of this, Blackfinger's debut release!


Polish band Evangelist consists of members who want to remain anonymous. They are a Christian formation with one full length on their roster, In Partibus Infidelium. Doominicanes is the second one, consisting of five tracks that last for about forty five minutes.


Canada is one of those countries with more than one single official language, i.e. English and French. Since most bands from all over the world have their lyrics in English, I have a passion for those who dare to use their mother tongue. Especially in Germany and Poland that’s the case, but I guess all existing languages have been used in mean time.


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