Honestly, I did not know German band Rogash yet. Apparently, they did record a demo in 2010 (entitled Rogan Era) and that’s it, so I do not need to feel guilty. But apparently they are quite promising, for Dan Swanö was so kind to do the final mix and mastering for Rogash’s debut full length Supremacy Undone. This gets translated, of course, by means of the monumental sound of this debut full length record.


I won’t spend my time on a lengthy, deepening introduction. Check out the .net or the reviews I did on the newest Lethe-album (posted on March 13th 2014) or Manii’s last year’s full length debut (see update January 8th 2013).


Lethe are an unusual project with some well-known members: Tor-Helge ‘Cernunnos’ Skei (music and lyrics, bass and guitars, programming and synth, production), known from e.g. Manes / Manii, Atrox or Norwegian Suffocation, and Nucleus Torn / Eluveitie’s Anna Murphy (music and lyrics, vocals, bass, programming, piano, production and mix).


French act Dirge is about to celebrate its twentieth anniversary (!). A first result of this upcoming party is the release of the band’s sixth album, Hyperion, which was recorded and mixed by original member Marc T., and mastered by Nicolas Dick (known as well from Kill The Thrill, and collaborating on this album as guest too, by the way, besides Lycia’s Tara Vanflower and Milena Rousseau of Miroda-fame).


Nocturnal was formed out of the ashes of Bestial Desecration (a Teutonic trash metal band) somewhere in the year 2000. There was a new line up, but with the same vision: Trash metal highly inspired by bands from the German metal scene like Destruction.

King Fear

King Fear are the brain child of guitar player Mål Dæth. After he wrote some stuff that differed from his main project, Bullbar, he recruited Eisenvater’s Johannes Bonnin and Negator / Dark Funeral frontman Nachtgarm to take part of the finalisation of the new material he created.


Monolithe are one of Sylvain Bégot’s outfits (one might know him from Anthemon as well; this act originally started as a side-project, but since Anthemon was put to rest…). Besides the main instruments (bass, guitars and keyboards), Sylvain took care of this fourth album’s production too.

Death Dealer

The first time I put this in my player, I got smacked to the ground with the first song.  What a fucking noise pollution this is was my first thought.    But things started going a bit better the next songs. 


Norwegian project Weh is a mainly acoustic Folk project by Erik Evju, who wanted to create a mixture of darkened feelings and natural emotions. Under the moniker Weh, Erik recorded and released a first demo / EP in 2002, called The Death, and it received very positive reactions in Norway as well as in the rest of the world. 2003 saw the release of a second demo, called All The Sinners Are Sleeping Now, followed in 2004 by demo # 3, The Coffee’s Cold In The Morning, The Beer’s Warm At Night.


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