Ungaikyō Prod.

Haft Teppeh

Man’s fate was sealed when he learned the art of forgetfulness. The worst thing he ever told himself is that things come to pass.

When the lying mirror is one’s best advisor, he is prone to fail.


The label Ungaikyō Prod. is a French outlet to promote Ambient and Dungeon Synth-oriented Music, inspired by the Japanese culture and (archaic / ancient) sonic scene. It was formed quite recently by Julien Lacroix, who has some solo-projects within that very comparable scene. You will surely know this sympathetic guy as well from Moloch Conspiracy (recently, and sadly, defunct). I won’t go too deep into the background of the label nor the human being behind it this time.


Julien Lacroix is the person behind the magisterial project Moloch Conspiracy, for which I did write several reviews in the (recent) past. This French guy is also active under several other monikers. Recently, for example, he did create and release a rather vampire-themed thing as Oupyr (probably I will write a review on this recording soon).


As you might know in the meantime, Moloch Conspiracy’s frontman Julien Lacroix runs the new label Ungaikyō Prod., which releases Electronic Music (from Dark Ambient to Dungeon Synth) that is inspired by the (ancient) Japanese culture. The label releases material from some of Julien’s own solo-outfits (like the one this review deals with), as well as from other artists. As said, there is one goal: dark-edged Music with a focus on old Japanese traditions.


The respectable Julien Lacroix is the mastermind behind the fabulous outfit Moloch Conspiracy, but he’s involved with other projects too. Apparently this guy is hugely passionate by the Japanese history and culture (which also includes music, evidently) throughout the centuries, as well as rather modern themes from Japan, like their video games and movies. This did result in some intriguing new experiments, i.e.

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