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Sacrilegious Impalement

Next year Finnish (top) act Sacrilegious Impalement will celebrate its tenth anniversary, but the celebration party already started by compiling their three oldest releases under the flag of First Three Nails. After those three items, the band recorded and released three excellent full length studio albums (within the Archives you will find two of them), but let’s focus on this compilation, which comes with a six-page booklet, and after being remastered at Digivision Records.


Neter are a Spanish four-piece which I hadn’t heard of before. Apparently they did release a first album about exactly six years ago (title: Nec Spe Nec Metu), but then everything turned into relative silence. Until now… the band returns with Idols, which lasts for forty five minutes.

Satanic Assault Division

I first wanted to introduce this band as a side-project of Dreadlord, but actually they are both so differing from each other, so that I will not do so. Besides, Satanic Assault Division are quite active, in contradiction to Dreadlord lately, which would be denigrating for Satanic Assault Division. Anyway, these Danish guys return with their second album, a year and a half after March To Victory.

Artificum Nex

Despite almost eight years of existence, Epitaph For Life isn’t but the first full album, and their second official release. Once again kindly offered to the audience by mighty Russian top-label Satanath Records, this time in co-operation with Black Plague Records (from California), it saw the light at the very end of 2014.

Moonkult / Solus

Transmissions is a split-album by a Finnish and a Hungarian project. The album lasts for almost fifty minutes and gets released via mighty Russian Satanath Records, once again in co-operation with two other highly professional labels: Metallic Media and Black Plague Records.


Satarial are a Russian project by Lord Seth, who founded this project in 1993 (permanently joined by Angelika ‘Angel Bust’). Throughout the years he recorded five full lengths, yet since the last one, 2006’s LateXXX, Satarial seemed to fade away in oblivion.

Black Cult

Black Cult were formed at the end of last year when two guys with quite an impressive reputation within the Croatian Extreme Metal scene decided to join forces: multi-instrumentalist Dalibor ‘Insanus’ Franjkic (think: Castrum, Unholy Inquisition, Ashes You Leave, Gorthaur’s Wrath, Hibernum a.m.o.) and lyricist / vocalist Igor ‘Morbid’ (of Unholy Inquisition / Gorthaur’s Wrath / Mysterium-fame).


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