Album Title: 
Lunar Cross
Release Date: 
Monday, August 25, 2014
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Satarial are a Russian project by Lord Seth, who founded this project in 1993 (permanently joined by Angelika ‘Angel Bust’). Throughout the years he recorded five full lengths, yet since the last one, 2006’s LateXXX, Satarial seemed to fade away in oblivion. But now Lord Seth and his erotic theatre return with Lunar Cross, which will see the light (and its shadows) via Satanath Records, once again in co-operation with Metallic Media as well as Black Plague Records.

Lunar Cross lasts for about fifty minutes (the hidden track not included) and it is, as a matter of fact, very comparable in style to the former stuff. I did ‘meet’ the band during the second half of the nineties when I bought The Queen Of The Elves’ Land, but I wasn’t that impressed. And afterwards it didn’t really change that much, though Heidenlarm was remarkably stronger than the other Satarial-material. And well, still I am not blown away, but… the progression is truly huge!

The opening track Nerone shows the essence of Satarial’s approach: rhythmic and melodic, little catching and slightly symphonic Black Metal, including an extremely heavy rhythm section, folkish interludes, female vocals, atmospheric synths and evil grunts. A good thing might be that this track sticks, and the second time you listen to it, you can sing it along (at least, if you’ve learned some Russian, of course). That’s a rare gift, I have to admit, to be able to combine a feeling if trust with a certain harshness. …evidently part of the sado-masochistic concept, is it not?... With Horned One, Satarial come closer to the past, by injecting their Black Metal with Pagan / Folk-alike elements. But it’s injected with some mechanized elements too, which is new, I think. And the album goes on this way: rhythmic and quite energetic melodies interfere with folksy parts and neo-symphonic elements, creating a firm and powerful yet catchy compilation of timeless (Black) Metal songs. Black Metal Folk Opera they call it, and that certainly goes for their live shows, which are filled with fireworks and nude chicks; cf. the likes of Lords Of Acid (when it comes to the visual aspects, not the aural style). Angelika herself, by the way, isn’t afraid either to show those body parts that men can’t resist, haha. Brings me to what I think is the most appropriate score…