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I have to admit that I did not know the band Wardra. However, this act from Moscow did release a full-length in 2017, an EP in 2018 and a split with Logos (defunct in the meantime) in 2020. But it never came my way. Wardra was formed as a duo in 2016 and evolved throughout the years into a ‘real’ band (nowadays a quartet). Original member W (Vladimir Snegotsky) was part of the Aethyr line-up too, and collaborates with Majestat.



Location: Singapore

Members: Andi (the talking that accompanies the dead into the Lahad = lead vocals) / Khairil (the emptiness upon excavation of Kubur = all guitars) / Edi (the embedding of the Nisan = drums & percussions)

Formed: 1991-1993 / 1999-now

Recorded: at Studio 47 by Nizam Aziz

Artwork: Armaada Art (Andreas Christanetoff)

Format: jewel-box CD with twelve-page booklet & digital

Edition: 1,000 copies



Location: Ukraine

Members (sort of anonymous): M. (guitars) / J. (drums) / V. (bass) / A. (vocals, synths)

Mix / recording studio: Forest Den Studio

Artwork: Hellcatfairy Art (logo: Paint-It-Black Design)

Type: jewel-box with eight-page booklet

Edition: 500 copies

Duration: 37:29 minutes

Genre: Second Wave Black Metal


Thy Rites

[another ‘older’ recording which this review will deal with, so I’ll keep it short; yet this material is worth being promoted anyway]


Older release, shorter review (yet written with passion)

Country (for what it’s worth): Russian Federation

Members: WV (lead vocals, basses, guitars), Namiros (guitars), E.J.C. (drums, basses, backing vocals)

Music: WV & Namiros

Lyrics: WV

Mix & mastering: E.J.C.

Cover artwork: Taya Rostovtseva

Layout: Aleksey Korolyov

Design: WV

Atra Haeresis

Despite more than two years of age, it still is more than interesting to focus on Pretium, until now being the sole official full-length release by Russian / Belarussian act Atra Haeresis. On this recording, the band consists of Alexey Veselov aka Fenrir, whom you might know from Bestial Deform or Ethir Anduin (bass), as well as Sergei Ambrazevich (vocals) and Alexander Antygin (guitars).


[another review for an ‘older’ release, but then again: what’s the problem???]

I used to follow the Russian formation Sterbefall during their earlier years. Weg Nach Nichtigkeit, Plattensee and even Die Lawine (an acoustic reinterpretation of the past) could surely caress my eardrums. Yet as from 2016, things turned into an ear-deafening silence.


Probably the most active Metal artist from Swiss (or at least one of the …) is Sergio Da Silva, especially known under his moniker Bornyhake. Enoid, Oculus, Borgne, Pure, My Death Belongs To You, Porifice; it’s just a small selection of acts he’s involved with, mostly as sole member. Besides, he’s active as guest / session / live musician for tens, probably hundreds, of other acts, and he runs some labels and distribution channels too.


In the meantime, in January 2023, Italian act Shamael did independently release a second album (Il Suono Di Mille Orchestre Parte I), but I would like to come back on the debut. That first album, Melancholie Der Engel, was actually released two years ago, but it deserves some additional support for sure. I never mind writing down my thoughts on material that isn’t totally new, especially when the quality of that material is worth it.


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