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Ancient Moon

Ancient Moon are quite a mysterious project for the three members act under the names of J, O and B, and nothing more is known. Apparently these guys hail from Belgium, France and Switzerland. I think Vvltvre is their first mutual effort, and it consists of one single piece, called Preastigitum Altareas, clocking almost half an hour.

[personal note: I do appreciate the fact that the sole track and the album itself do have another title]


My first acquaintance with Belarussian act Exegutor was when I heard the Dive Sessions EP, the band’s first release via Satanath Records (review updated on September 21st 2014, by the way, so check it out). Apparently they did release an album before, Cure For Dull, but I still haven’t had the opportunity to check that one out.


Satanath Records’ head commander Aleksey let me know, a couple of weeks ago, to look out for some auditive quality from my home country, i.e. Vlaanderen / Flanders, eh, I mean Belgium. And indeed, Zardens are the first Belgian band on this superb Russian label. Actually, sub-label SODP had some stuff from right here in a recent past (Scum Noise and Vox Impia), and in mean time also Angakok signed to Satanath.


Neter are a Spanish four-piece which I hadn’t heard of before. Apparently they did release a first album about exactly six years ago (title: Nec Spe Nec Metu), but then everything turned into relative silence. Until now… the band returns with Idols, which lasts for forty five minutes.

Macabre Demise

It took quite some time, because the last Macabre Demise-album, Stench Of Death, was released in 2011. But now the German grind-head behind this project, Andreas Rieger, returns with another extreme effort, Homicidal Parasites, which has a total running time of twenty six minutes. The stuff was recorded by the sole member, Andreas (vocals, strings and drum computer programming), and believe it or not, but mix and mastering were done in Venezuela (Abhorrent Technology Productions).

Satanic Assault Division

I first wanted to introduce this band as a side-project of Dreadlord, but actually they are both so differing from each other, so that I will not do so. Besides, Satanic Assault Division are quite active, in contradiction to Dreadlord lately, which would be denigrating for Satanic Assault Division. Anyway, these Danish guys return with their second album, a year and a half after March To Victory.

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo

That’s one of the many things I like about Satanath Records: they are so diverse on several matters: a huge stylistic roster (from Grindcore over Death Metal to Black Metal and Thrash, as well as Ambient, Post-Rock etc.). But their open-mindedness goes further, in search of projects and bands from all over the world. This time we have to cope with a release from a band from Costa Rica, of all places! But do not expect white-sandy beaches, sweet cocktails and happy-tuned music – but you surely wouldn’t expect me to write about such thing…


When I listened to Ragnell’s debut, I was quite enthusiastic about the result. That mini-album, called Black Requiem, was, just like the one this chronicle will deal with, released via Satanath Records, and the review was updated on September 27th 2014 – check it out!

Artificum Nex

Despite almost eight years of existence, Epitaph For Life isn’t but the first full album, and their second official release. Once again kindly offered to the audience by mighty Russian top-label Satanath Records, this time in co-operation with Black Plague Records (from California), it saw the light at the very end of 2014.


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