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Sacred Sin

Sacred Sin were / are one of the most ‘popular’ bands from Portugal, though their popularity has never reached the level of, let’s say, a band like Moonspell. That’s undeserved and a pity. They were formed in 1991 and debuted in 1992 with the EP The Shades Behind. One year later, Sacred Sin released their full length debut Darkside via Portuguese label Musica Alternativa, followed by several other albums and some compilations.


Spanish duo Morkulv (vocalist Funedëim and multi-instrumentalist Wulfheim) releases its debut Where Hollowness Dwells in co-operation with four labels. It’s an eleven-tracker that starts with a very short yet pretty haunting intro (Prologue - Mork). But then, as from Red, Dark… Infinite on, it’s quite something else. Morkulv bring a mostly nasty, schizoid and malignant form of un(der)wordly Black Metal, quite fast, quite simplistic, quite melodic, but above all: filled with anger and terror.


Lauxnos are a new solo-outfit by Kirill ‘Katharos’ Andreevich, whom you might know as well from, for example, Emptiness Soul (a couple of months ago, and with sadness as result for undersigned, they announced to stop all activities under this name), The Happiness Cage, Hyperborean Frost or Epitaph Of Life.

Inner Missing

Inner Missing were formed under the moniker Odium in early 2008. Back then they were a duo. Soon after, they changed their moniker into the current one, and they evolved into a real band. Throughout the years, Sigmund and his crew recorded several full lengths and EP’s / singles, and their style evolved from old schooled Doom-Death into a more experimental form of (Traditional) Doom Metal. That evolution continues with Defeat, Inner Missing’s fourth studio full album.


Exactly three years after the debut album Odium, Russian act GodHater return with the sophomore full album, Blasphemia. This time Belial (bass / vocals) and Sagoth (guitars) were joined by session drummer Roman ‘Yog Sothoth’ Grigoriev (known from Pseudogod and Act Of God) after former drummer Spike left.


A.П. are a Russian act that, if I am not mistaken, have this EP as sole official release. The stuff was recorded at the Premier Studio, and the ten tracks last for just under eighteen minutes only. Indeed, it means ten short songs.


I know that the guy behind the sublime Satanath Records-label, Alexey Korolyov, is active in Abigorum, a solo-outfit from which I hope to hear more very soon. On August 20th 2014, for your information, we updated a review on his newest Abigorum-creation, called My Haemophilia, which undersigned could appreciate a lot.


Satarial are a Russian project by Lord Seth, who founded this project in 1993 (permanently joined by Angelika ‘Angel Bust’). Throughout the years he recorded five full lengths, yet since the last one, 2006’s LateXXX, Satarial seemed to fade away in oblivion.


Astarot are a Mexican project by multi-instrumentalist Gonzalo GB, aka Astarot, in co-operation with singer / lyricist Alfonso ‘Tortured’. Both of them are also active in e.g. Suicidal Years and Alasthor (the Mexican one, of course), as well as in Abysmal Depths.


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