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The Hell

I have to admit that I was not that eager to listen to this album, if only because of the band’s name, The Hell. I did actually expect some infantile would-be act with more ego than writing capabilities. Yet seen the label(s) involved, this could be something quite different as well. The choice of those labels releasing an album by a band called this way, would it prove me wrong?


Soul Collector is the first full length by German act Pestkult, released in an edition of 500 copies via Russia’s Satanath Records and German label Narbentage Produktionen; the latter, for your information, took care of the band’s last year’s split as well (with Erakko, Stardust and Funeral Dust).

Chains Ov Beleth

Chains Ov Beleth are one of the many projects that include Heolstor, formerly also known as Jarleth, and previously / currently active with e.g. Eald, Carcharoth (the Spanish one, evidently), Nazgul (the Spanish one, evidently), Uruk-Hai (the Spanish one, evidently), Cyhiriaeth (the Spanish one, evidently) etc.

Abysmal Growls Of Despair

The Funeral Doom scene in France is pretty interesting, at least that’s what undersigned is thinking about it. One of the (many) projects that I can truly appreciate is a quite productive one, being Abysmal Growls Of Despair, one of the many (digital) projects by Hangsvart. Despite the very young age of this project (and this guy), there are quite some recordings in mean time.


I have no idea what’s going on in Costa Rica, but lately we are almost (read: ‘almost’, with some relativation) overcrowded by bands and projects from out there – some of the better things I recently ‘met’, and which I did a review for recently / which I will do a review for very soon: Alastor Sanguinary Embryo, Insepulto, Paganus Doctrina, Ancient Spheres, Inhuman, …

Sacrilegious Impalement

Next year Finnish (top) act Sacrilegious Impalement will celebrate its tenth anniversary, but the celebration party already started by compiling their three oldest releases under the flag of First Three Nails. After those three items, the band recorded and released three excellent full length studio albums (within the Archives you will find two of them), but let’s focus on this compilation, which comes with a six-page booklet, and after being remastered at Digivision Records.

Serpentine Creation

On this album, Bulgarian act Serpentine Creation are a quartet, consisting of Vlad (guitars + vocals), Gormoth (guitars), Mephistophel (drums; he took care of the artwork too), and Jafar (bass). They self-produced The Fiery Winds Of Armageddon with mix and recording at the Sub Zero Studio, with Bebo taking care of engineering and mastering. Result: forty one minutes of modern Death / Black Metal.


Necrocult… There are several of them… This review deals with the French one.

Actually, this band was formed in 1994 as Crucifix, playing an old schooled form of Death Metal. Yet slowly on, their approach got darker, and the nameless debut album, released in 2003 via French label Snakebite Productions, already brought a more evil-sounding sound (in mean time the band’s moniker changed into the current one).


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