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Horrific Disease

Yesterday we did (finally) update the review for the six-way split 6 Ways Of Hell, which was a collaboration done by Russia’s top-label Satanath Records at the one hand, and six bands / projects from the East of Asia at the other: Barzakh (Indonesia), Goresluts (Malaysia), Savage Deity (Thailand), Shadowmirth (Brunei), Suicidal (Singapore), and last but not least, Japanese duo Horrific Disease (Makoto Mizoguchi and Haruhisa Takahat


The Colombia-based quartet Skullthrone was formed five years ago, and recently they finished their debut album, called Biomechanical Messiah, which gets released by Satanath Records (Russia) and Morbid Skull Records (El Salvador), with distributional assistance of Metal Masala (India) and More Hate Productions (Russia).

Vomit Of Doom

In their five years of existence, Argentinian combo Vomit Of Doom recorded several demos and EP’s, and at the end of 2014 the Thai label Inhuman Assault Productions did release the five-track cassette Obey The Darkness. It was an omen for their upcoming debut full length album, which contains the very same name (and which, evidently, includes pretty much the very same inhuman sonic assaults).


Dalkhu are a Slovenian duo that recorded one full length before (back then Dalkhu were a four-piece), 2010’s Imperator, which was independently released. And now they return with a second one, which was recorded from August 2014 till January 2015 at the Nightside Studio, and mastered at the famous Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna.


It might not be that huge yet, the Middle Eastern scene, but believe me if I say that there are quite a lot of splendid Metal acts out there, despite religious suppression and narrow-minded bullshit. I can sum up quite an impressive list of great projects and bands from Iran, Saudi-Arab, Jordan or U.A.E., but I have to admit that I do not owe anything at all that comes from Lebanon. So, I’m like a virgin experiencing a Tripoli-based for the first time, but besides the bloody deflowering, it isn’t a painful experience at all; on the contrary, it pleases me, it satisfies me…

Black Lord

Black Lord are a Mexican project by a guy called Black Lord, who takes care of all instruments, with exception of the drum parts, which get performed by nobody else but Astarot, the guy behind great outfits such as Abysmal Depths, Astarot or Alasthor (several releases by these projects, especially done via Satanath Records, have been published on this site, so do not hesitate to read the reviews).

Sacred Sin

Sacred Sin were / are one of the best known bands from Portugal, initially formed in 1991. They debuted in 1992 with the EP The Shades Behind, followed one year later by their full length debut Darkside (via Portuguese label Musica Alternativa).


On June 8th 2015 Concreteweb did upload my review for Transmissions, a split in between Finnish act Moonkult and Hungarian one-man combo Solus. With certainty the latter was the best out of two on the split, at least to my humble (and totally subjective) opinion. I did have one remark (which did eventually influence my score) and that was the inferior sound quality.

The Hell

I have to admit that I was not that eager to listen to this album, if only because of the band’s name, The Hell. I did actually expect some infantile would-be act with more ego than writing capabilities. Yet seen the label(s) involved, this could be something quite different as well. The choice of those labels releasing an album by a band called this way, would it prove me wrong?


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