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Missa Mortvm

Actually Missa Mortvm were formed almost five years ago, but Et Lux Perpetua Luceat Est isn’t but this Chilean band’s first official release. The album was initially released independently the digital way in very, very, very early 2015, and then pressed on CD in order to get released via the unholy trinity Satanath Records, Sphera Noctis Records and Darzamadicus Records (a co-operation that appeared before in other constellations).


Funebria are a Black Metal act from Venezuela, but outside their home country, I do not think they are well-known. …until now, for having Satanath Records taking care of their new full length. Actually, in their ten years of existence (the band was formed in 2004) they didn’t release that much stuff: a demo, an EP and one full length (all of them during the last decade), and in 2012 they contributed on the Two Headed Beast split with Veldraveth.


Dalkhu are a Slovenian duo that recorded one full length before (back then Dalkhu were a four-piece), 2010’s Imperator, which was independently released. And now they return with a second one, which was recorded from August 2014 till January 2015 at the Nightside Studio, and mastered at the famous Necromorbus Studio by Tore Stjerna.


It might not be that huge yet, the Middle Eastern scene, but believe me if I say that there are quite a lot of splendid Metal acts out there, despite religious suppression and narrow-minded bullshit. I can sum up quite an impressive list of great projects and bands from Iran, Saudi-Arab, Jordan or U.A.E., but I have to admit that I do not owe anything at all that comes from Lebanon. So, I’m like a virgin experiencing a Tripoli-based for the first time, but besides the bloody deflowering, it isn’t a painful experience at all; on the contrary, it pleases me, it satisfies me…

The Hell

I have to admit that I was not that eager to listen to this album, if only because of the band’s name, The Hell. I did actually expect some infantile would-be act with more ego than writing capabilities. Yet seen the label(s) involved, this could be something quite different as well. The choice of those labels releasing an album by a band called this way, would it prove me wrong?


When Viktor ‘Lord Dead’ Medvedev parted ways with Barathron, he created the outfit Amezarak, which I do appreciate quite a lot. In case you’re interested, I’m glad to invite you to read the review on the former album, last year’s Daemonolatreia, which was uploaded on the update of September 21st 2014.

Alastor Sanguinary Embryo

That’s one of the many things I like about Satanath Records: they are so diverse on several matters: a huge stylistic roster (from Grindcore over Death Metal to Black Metal and Thrash, as well as Ambient, Post-Rock etc.). But their open-mindedness goes further, in search of projects and bands from all over the world. This time we have to cope with a release from a band from Costa Rica, of all places! But do not expect white-sandy beaches, sweet cocktails and happy-tuned music – but you surely wouldn’t expect me to write about such thing…

Dagor Dagorath

I like to read the great works by the hand, and mind, of J.R.R. Tolkien. Everyone knows The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit in mean time, thanks to the two movie-trilogies, but Tolkien’s other works are at least as interesting, if not more attractive! In The Lord Of The Rings, the ‘Dagor Dagorath’-battle gets mentioned, but there was a first reference to it in the posthumously published The Silmarillion (the Valaquenta-edition, more specifically).

Bone Cracker

Bone Cracker (or Bonecracker) are a band from the city of Minsk, Russia, formed about two years ago. They had a one-track single earlier this year to promote their upcoming debut full length, and that song indeed appears on Пopoku. Apparently this material, and then I am referring to the album and not that single track only, was originally released on tape via Zombi Records.

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