Album Title: 
Diabolical Finale Mortum
Release Date: 
Tuesday, August 25, 2015
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When Viktor ‘Lord Dead’ Medvedev parted ways with Barathron, he created the outfit Amezarak, which I do appreciate quite a lot. In case you’re interested, I’m glad to invite you to read the review on the former album, last year’s Daemonolatreia, which was uploaded on the update of September 21st 2014. About fifteen months after that release, once again Satanath Records, or better: sub-label Symbol Of Domination Productions offers us the newest, fifth full length album, called Diabolicum Finale Mortum, and which lasts for more than fifty minutes. All music and lyrics were written by Lord Dead, and he recorded all instruments and voices, with visual assistance of label owner Aleksey (design) and Montes Insania’s Andrey (artwork).

Diabolical Finale Mortum goes on in the vein of all former material, being a fast and energetic, rhythmic and grim form of nineties-inspired Melodic Black Metal. And with this I’ve said about everything I could / should / would. The sound quality goes on in the Second Wave trend: unpolished yet decent. The compositional essence goes on in that very same current: lots of changes in tempo, with both aggressive and epic parts. The execution lies within same-minded ideas, including the harsh and tortured screams and highly melodic, quasi tremolo’ish leads. And so on, and so on…

As you might notice, undersigned detects a focus on anti-originality, whether you like it or not. It might appear as a shameful pity to some, but then again, please consider two things: the average quality and the cheapness. When talking about the latter, I do not think Diabolical Finale Mortum isn’t but a copycat-effort. It was not the case in the past, so why would this project turn into pathetic superficiality?... Indeed, this possible turn-off is not the case! And this easily brings me to the ‘average’ quality, and let’s admit: isn’t this material at least as grandiose and impressing as many colleagues from, let’s say, Norway especially, or Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Greece, France, Germany or Switzerland (and many others, evidently)? Indeed, that’s what I thought as well.

So, ignore the lack or originality and focus on the essence: a glorious tribute on the mighty hordes from the Second Wave! Hail!