Debemur Morti Productions


Monolithe are one of Sylvain Bégot’s outfits (one might know him from Anthemon as well; this act originally started as a side-project, but since Anthemon was put to rest…). Besides the main instruments (bass, guitars and keyboards), Sylvain took care of this fourth album’s production too.

October Falls

October Falls were once formed as an acoustic Folk-project by Mikko Lehto. The first releases were rather traditional / classical in approach, but throughout the years the project did introduce elements from Metal in general, and Black Pagan Metal more specifically.


Monolithe are one of France’s finest Obscure Doom acts. This band with e.g. Anthemon member Sylvain Bégot, who started this act more than ten years ago, released two full lengths before (in 2003 and 2005; followed by two downloadable minis, respectively in 2007 and early 2012, the so-called Interlude-diptych).


The huge scene from Suomi has bands / projects in between ‘I can’t stand at all’ till ‘hail and praise’. Behexen for sure do belong to the second category. I follow them since their debut Rituale Satanum (Sinister Figure, 1999/2000).


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