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Two years after the fine album Kings Of Carnage (review uploaded on September 22nd 2013, written by colleague Jeroen), German death army Debauchery returns with ninth studio full length album, which was recorded at the House Of Audio Studio with Dennis Ward once again (known for lesser, eh, ‘intense’ bands and projects actually, such as Edenbridge, Sunstorm, Allen / Lande, Krokus or Jaded Heart).


Bloodlost are a Swiss Thrash-combo with two albums in their name: Hellcome (2008) and Trashell (2011). Now they return with the third studio recording, called Evil Origins, which was recorded, mixed and mastered at the French Full Metal Studio by Izakar (of Blazing War Machine-fame) and Sébastien Castan.


This new Ewigheim-album is to celebrate the project’s 15th anniversary. For a discography and biography, I’d like to refer to the reviews I did for the former recordings, Nachruf (see update January 6th 2014) and Bereue Nichts (posted on October 31st 2012, available within Concreteweb’s Archive).

Michael Jessen

I have to confess I had never heard of Danish guitarist Michael Jessen. Memories is his debut album and with it he delivers a solid first efford. Michael was able to to get Gören Edman (ex-Yngwie Malmsteen) behind the microphone and the line up was completed with Christopher Hoaas on Bass and Mads Grunnet on drums.

Messiah’s Kiss

In the fall of 2008, vocalist Mike Tirelli was diagnosed with stomach cancer. At the same time guitarist and songwriter Georg Kraft had also a serious health issue so the band went on hiatus to give both gentlemen the time to take care of their health problems. After seven years the band returns with their fourth album and it is a come back that blows away their three previous albums.

Halcyon Way

I reviewed another Halcyon Way album before, the IndoctriNation album, and what I wrote then, is still what I think about them today. Were it not for the many grunts and growls, I would actually like their music.

Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes  were formed in 1992 in Sweden, and despite already having released six albums before this one, have gone by pretty unnoticed I guess.  It has taken them six years since their previous album ‘Chained’ to bring out new work, on the Massacre label this time. Not only are they on another label, but former guitarist: vocalist  Mikael Dahl has also rejoined the band, to replace Søren Nico Adamsen.

Burden Of Grief

Despite their well-appreciated live reputation and a huge selling number, I for myself have never been such a big ‘fan’ of Germany’s Burden Of Grief. Don’t get me wrong, for I do not dislike any of the former releases they did (at least the ones I do know). But even the productional duties provided by top-meisters like Dan Swanö couldn’t guarantee fulfilment or satisfaction.

Crystal Eyes

Crystal Eyes was formed in 1992 In Sweden by Mikael Dahl and Niclas Karlsson to keep the legacy of heavy metal set in the 80's by Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Accept etc. Current members are: Mikael Dahl - Vocals, Guitar / Niclas Karlsson – Guitar / Claes Wikander – Bass / Martin Tilander – Drums.

Veni Domine

Although this band has been around for some 25 years, and having so far released six studio albums, I’d never heard of them.  And after listening to this new album, my opinion is still unclear.  Have I missed something by not having heard of them before or not.


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