Cop Fetish

Two years ago, Cop Fetish, a project by a guy called Jeff Williams, originating from Olympia, State of Washington, uSSa, signed to Lurker Bias with the aim to release his first recording under the Cop Fetish-moniker, Transuranic Waste. That tape was (and still is) a monster of a release!

Skag Arcade

What I do appreciate when referring to Spain-based Craneal Fracture Records’ roster is the diversity Jose Murcia and his crew have to offer. Everything that dwells within regions of Harsh Noise, Musique Concrète, Experimental Drone, Field Recordings, Noise Wall, Power Electronics and the likes might pass by. Even some extremer sub-genres of the Metal area are represented from time to time.


Friuli is a region in Italy, in between the Gulf of Trieste (the northernmost part of the Adriatic Sea) and the Dolomites, somehow at the feet of the mighty Alps, near the borders with Slovenia and Austria. Nature-wise it’s a fabulous area, quite unspoiled, with only a handful of larger (mainly ancient and, therefore, not that ugly-industrialised) cities. Oops, I sound like a touristic guide…

Funeral Of God

Recently I came along the quite unusual yet highly interesting label Merdümgiriz (nowadays based in London), which focus on Underground material especially, with releases handmade by one of the label’s owners, Emir Togrul.

Set Self On Fire

"The world is a mess. and what's worse is that to a certain extent society would have us be complacent of this fact. However, it is up to us that are aware to stand up and say something in protest against the madness. In that spirit Set Self On Fire is the musical equivalent of self-immolation."

Into Coffin

Into Coffin are a three piece from Marburg, Germany, formed in 2015 when Death / Crust act Infuria (they actually originate from Italy) got into line-up troubles. After a demonstrational recording in 2015, the band did record five tracks, which got gathered under the banner of Into A Pyramid Of Doom. It gets released on pro-tape in an edition of 150 copies via Caligari Records, but there is a CD-edition as well, released by Terror From Hell Records.


Brazilian trio Maldição are, to my knowledge, quite a young band, and there is not much I know about them. Pat from mighty Avitas or Kabexnuv (and Bud Metal Records) told me this stuff was too interesting to ignore, and he did refer to this release specifically (thanks pal for this opportunity!).

Piotr Cisak

Piotr Cisak is a Polish musician / artist that surprised me more than once in the past. Especially the album released as Arsenne + Cisak + Oleksiński did satisfy my eardrums and brain (see update January 17th 2016 for my enthusiastic review…). Another review published recently on is the one for the Kodomo No Hi album – see March 24th 2016 in case you’re interested.

Sonic Poison

Before taking off: this is NOT a review on the (legendary) Hardcore / Punk act!

This review deals with a Death / Thrash act, which does release a nasty, short but right-in-the-face EP, appropriately called Harsh Demonstration. Indeed it is a harsh demonstration on how to make sonic ugliness attractive. For the better part the band succeeds to do so…


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