Quite the only thing I do know about Helledéofol is that they hail from the U.K., but do not ask me who is / are the (human) being(s) behind the project, for I do not know. In 2015 they did release some material on tape and the digital way, and early 2016 sees the release of Black Acid, the newest release, available the digital way on their independent (or Bandcamp) page, and in an extremely limited edition (of 25 copies only) on cassette via the young UK-based label X-Ray Noise.

Ensomhet 777

Actually, this new release by Italian project Ensomhet 777, an outfit of Riccardo’19.84’ Z., was released in 2014 via !fanculo!, but I recently did receive a tape-version of that album, done via mighty UK-based Locust Amber Records. And just like acts such as Vinterriket, Moloch or Sieghetnar, this release does not deal with Black Metal this time, yet with floating sounds of mis(t)ery…

Desecrator Of Evil

Eddy Soto is the name of the Colombian guy behind Desecrator Of Evil, a Black / Thrash outfit that actually started as a Noise-Punk project at the end of last decade (initially as Demon Destroyer, then acting under the moniker of Bestial Destructor, until the final change-of-moniker in 2011). The project is named after a composition by Witchtrap, for your information. Eddy Soto performs everything himself: vocals, guitars, basses and drums (no more drum programming, but ‘real’ drums).

Fetid Zombie

One of the many projects with Mark Riddick is Fetid Zombie. In a very near future I will write and upload a review on the Sepulchral Voices LP, which includes four bands / projects, amongst which Fetid Zombie. But that’s for one of the next days / weeks.

Moloch (Verwüstung)

Like many Moloch-releases (a couple of hundreds), Verwüstung too has been re-released, re-re-released and re-re-re-rereleasedreleasedrereleased several times before. Actually, I wrote a review for this specific album, one of the CD-editions, for the re-release on Hidden Marly Production – see update June 7th 2015.

Spastic Burn Victim

Fuck You And Your Eyes was the first release on Skullhouse, one of the sub-labels of Legs Akimbo. This label focuses on Grind / Noise / Speedcore / Splatter beauty, and in the near future a couple of other reviews will pass… But first things first, and that’s this tape by UK-based act Spastic Burn Victim.


Singapore-based act Battlestorm, with Nocturnized members (PS: soon I will come back to a split-LP which includes Nocturnized), were formed about a decade ago. After some demos and a split with Damned Eternal, the band released the full length Demonic Incursion via Japanese Deathrash Armageddon, which sort of was a (relative) break-through for the band on international scale.


Bokluk are a Spanish Death Metal formation, nowadays consisting of Alex (vocals), Corey (drums), Iago (bass, vocals) and Tukas (guitars, as well as recording, mix and mastering).

Dgorath / Dark Ritual

The Black Metal oriented sub-label of Legs Akimbo, Locust Amber Records, focuses on tape-releases especially, and one of them is the split-tape Odyssey Of The Twelfth Talisman, not the cartoon, yet a recording done by London-based acts Dgorath and Dark Ritual. Both of them are quite young bands that recorded their material in 2014 and 2015.

Moloch / Voidstar

One of the many splits with Ukraine’s Moloch is the one with Swiss act Voidstar. Initially their collaboration saw the light in early 2015 via Nocebo Records (digital and vinyl), and Legs Akimbo’s sub-label Locust Amber Records did take care of the tape-re-issue, though this one being limited to an edition of fifty two (52) copies only, half of them released on grey cassettes, the other half on brown ones.


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