Well, this was something I did look forward to so passionately! When Aleksey Korolyov told me there would be a new Abigorum album, I couldn’t wait to listen to it. I was (and still am) very impressed by all former material he created under this moniker. But there was more. Apparently he did not create this album on his own anymore. No, this time he co-operated with some other musicians, turning Abigorum from a solo-outfit into a real band.


Phil Illsley used to be the lead vocalist in Lordaeron for several years, and he’s involved with bands such as Taken By The Tide or Death Tripper too. But as A|V, he recently started the project Abduction. This solo-outfit is modestly productive, for Abduction recently released a new full-length album, the third one in nearly two years. The working title of that recording is All Pain Is Penance.

Dead Melodies & Zenjungle

Collaborations are a trademark, or better: one of the trademarks, when talking about Cryo Chamber. Being one of the most impressive and open-minded labels within the worldwide (Cinematic) Ambient genre, Cryo Chamber released tens of albums that actually are a partnership of two, or more, Ambient artists from all over the globe. I am not talking about splits, but about mutual efforts, in which different musicians join forces in order to create something new, a symbiosis of their individual craftsmanship, canalised into a unique result.


A ‘goliard’ gets often compared to a person who is, or used to be, religious, but who sort of started protesting against the narrow-minded limitations of the church. During the High Middle Ages, goliards were well-educated people, often strongly related to clerical studies, that tried to fight against the hypocrisy of the Roman / Catholic tradition via sarcastic or ironic poetry and chant. It was some kind of anti-clerical protest that penetrated the West-European society almost one thousand years ago.

Thank you for paying attention.


Greek multi-instrumentalist Dimitros ‘Dimon’s Night’ Sakkas did form Inhibitions about twelve years ago, initially assisted by the guttural throat of Coprojunkie (both of them are / were in Humanity Zero too, by the way).


Anti-pacifists will recognize the name ‘rds-220’ as an extremely powerful Russian nuclear bomb from that time when West and East weren’t best friends yet. Nowadays, that did change, haha. No, I am not going to turn this story into a political one, but an ‘rds-220’ was used as propaganda material from the former Soviet government against the western enemy – the Iron Curtain story, you know…


Depressive Black Ambient Records is a young label from Poland, for which I recently reviewed their first release, created by Removed From This Life. Because the label finds no reason to inhale and exhale, just focusing on chemicals and anesthesia, you can guess that any joy of life does not make sense. Or does it? Indeed it does not, though I have to admit that all releases I have heard (and I’ve been listening to all six of them, in the meantime – and damn yeah, all of them will surely be reviewed) do bring joy in my life.


I had not heard about this act, Drabataturk, but apparently it is a new project from the Russian Federation. This review deals with their first album, untitled, which gets released via the fine German (Black) Metal label Pesttanz Klangschmiede. Besides the digital version (via the label’s Bandcamp-page), there are 300 hand-numbered digi-sleeve copies, released with a very remarkable twelve-page booklet.

Cryo Depth

Not that long ago, I got in touch with a young lady from Belarus, Olga Kann. I didn’t immediately recognize her name, but still I had to know some of her works, for she is quite ‘famous’ as visual artist (besides painter / drawing artist, she’s also photographer and sculptor, by the way, with a very open-minded artistic vision, drawing influences from different angles).


All roads lead to decay…

The story of Georg Trakl isn’t a jolly one. His youth was disastrous, and so was his professional life, though being forced. Georg was an expressionist artist (and scientist) from Austria (born in a time that European borders did differ from the current ones, for Hungary and Austria were like one sole country), with a youth that was not exactly that easy for a kid. Anyway, I guess you can find some biographical education on the net.


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