I do know Tino Thiele from his activities in Wulfgar and Metamorph especially, although this guy has / had some other (smaller) (solo) projects too. And not that long ago I was happily surprised (indeed, I got attacked by the emotion ‘happiness’ somehow, but it didn’t kill me), and positively amazed (also ‘positivism’ tried to break me, but I stood up, raised my fist, and survived once more), when I heard that he joined forces with Aleksey Korolyov in this latter’s superior project Abigorum.


Even though this band was formed about a decade ago, they did not release anything decently yet – okay, with exception of a couple of independently released EP’s. IATO actually as formed by some (former) Punk Metal / Hardcore musicians (the band grew from the remnants of defunct Ejaculazione HC), and they did record two mini-albums during the first half of last decade (2012 and 2014, to give you the correct information). Then things turned into ear-deafening silence, but the band did not dissolve.

Sons Of A Wanted Man

Sons Of A Wanted Man is an act from Beringen, which is a city in Limburg, Belgium, formerly known from its coalmine sites. The band started five years and something ago, when some experienced musicians from different anti-commercial acts joined forces to bring something that makes Belgium great again: Post / Sludge Heaviness with (hairy) balls! They recorded and released some demonstrational stuff throughout the years, and did gain an impressive (local) live status, but now things will truly start, caused by Kenoma.

Albez Duz

Earlier this century, some members of Black Metal outfit Dies Ater wanted to start a side-project which would rather focus on the essence of Doom. In 2006 they started Albez Duz (which is archaic German for noise of the swan), which was the start of a very interesting journey. Throughout the years, Albez Duz transformed from ‘just a side-outlet’ to a real band, and their handful of releases were highly appreciated by the international scene for sure.

Order Of The New Templars

Ario-Christianity was (and still is) some philosophical ‘trend’ (I usually do not like to use the word ‘trend’, for it refers to an inferior vision on specific subjects – but you might know what I am trying to explain right now, I think), elaborated by the (former) monk (+ scholar / philosopher) Jörg Lanz von Liebenfels. This theological theory was sort of the primal basement for an organization he started, called Ordo Novi Templi. The term ‘Götter-Elektron’, by the way, does come from one of his works.


I do follow ProtoU as from the early years. More specific, Simon Heath once introduced me to this Ukrainian project by means of the debut Lost Here (FYI: Cryo Chamber released a split shortly before this one, with Dronny Darko, but I did not hear that one back then). Anyway, you can read in my reviews that I was, and still am, intrigued by this lady’s unique project.

Black Earth

Galician trio Black Earth are ‘begotten in chaos and speaking an abject language that hides the secrets of the great truth beyond the lies of the material world. Beyond the present, beyond the past. Feasting the survival of the old knowledge beyond history and the putrid path of mankind. Riding the tiger along Kali Yuga.’ It’s a mystic and mysterious introduction, offering bleak and ritualistic visions (haha, ‘visions’ and Cyclic Law in one sentence; what a coincidence) on mankind and its many imperfections and demerits.

Tableau Mort

One of the very few non-Romanian bands on Loud Rage Music is Tableau Mort from London, UK. Yet still there’s a link with Romania, for founding member and lead guitarist Christian Giurgiu was born in a city in the North-West of Romania. In 2018 and 2019, this sextet released some preview single tracks on their upcoming album, which has been finished in between Summer 2018 and early 2019.

Starless Domain

I did not know this band before, but Stu from Aesthetic Death invited me to this trio’s universe beyond an ever-devouring black hole, and once again I have to thank him (so here it is: thank you, Stu!). Anthony ‘AW’ (guitars, drums, bouzouki, backing vocals and mix), Jon ‘JR’ (bass and lead vocals) and Ash ‘AEF’ (guitars, keyboards, backing vocals and bouzouki) (1) did record a first official thing in 2018, called EOS.


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