Album Title: 
Land Of Darkness
Release Date: 
Friday, April 13, 2018
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Brahdr’uhz are a very young yet quite productive outfit from Swiss, run by Brahz (voices, strings, percussion) and assisted by drummer Penetranalattack Deflagramicide. Yeah, why not… The project released several things in not that much time, especially independently, sometimes in partnership with Underground labels (Albanian Medieval Werewolf Antiquarium Label). But somehow my dearest Aleksey was able to have Brahdr’uhz convinced to release their first full length via one of his labels, GrimmDistribution. This gets effectuated in partnership with Lèpre Productions from the band’s home country.

Land Of Darkness is not exactly a new album, nor is it a cheap compilation. The album collects older material (from previously released EP’s and demo work), as well as some new stuff, all originally written and recorded over a period from 2014 - 2018. For this release specifically, Brahdr’uhz re-recorded this material, which reflects in a cohesive result (no major sound differences in between the diverse elegies). It comes in an edition of 500 copies on CD, including a sober four-page booklet with a picture from both sweeties involved, and the nice message that these guys do love us all, especially our mothers. Very kind of you, Brahdr’uhz. We love you too…

Anyway, Land Of Darkness is quite lengthy (seventy minutes) and opens with a new piece, Desmahavos. And as from the opening riff, I am convinced! This is a purest form of Second Wave oriented Black Metal for sure. Did anyone say Darkthrone? Xasthur? Judas Iscariot? Nebel? Indeed, this is that kind of supreme and majestic Sonic Terror – or is it Aural Art?

Seriously, what Brahdr’uhz bring is ultra-fast and energetic, old styled and razor-sharp (a rusty razor, of course) Black Metal like it was created twenty-five years ago. It lacks of a renewing identity (f*ck that), and it pays tribute to the essence of the scene from the Nineties. Brahdr’uhz perform with a production that is very decently mixed for sure, yet lacking any clinical politeness. The strings sound like a drill or a chainsaw and contain a huge dose of melody. Yes, the riffs are repetitive, that’s a certainty, yet highly melodic too. Besides, they get spiced by some great tremolo leads and almost hypnotising solos. Moreover, more than once there is something dissonant within the guitar sound, twisting the listener’s brain. The drums are right-in-the-face-of-some-lord: fast and pounding, like artillery fire. And then, those vocals: purest sulphur, spreading a message of misanthropy, disgust, hatred and mass extinction. It is like a mixture, or I’d rather call it an incestuous bastard child, of Pest (Gorgoroth), Gaahl (yeah, Gorgoroth once more), Glaurung (Orthanc / DUX), Ronarg (Antzaat) and Diviciacos (Pénitence Onirique).

The only thing that confuses me is the lyrical side. Band’s name and song titles are in an unknown language – it should have to do something with an ancient dialect (and the band name refers to ‘destroy us’ or ‘break us’ – found on the M.A.-site, I have to admit). Mordostrava, Htrradvajyii Hetravassat, Gahattoh Cahazzoh, Dsysjiflet, whatever, these pieces sound good. And besides, I do not thing the texts deal with frolicking puppies, growing daisies or a true love’s first kiss. Yet then again, one never knows…

As said, this material brings nothing new, yet follows the glorious roots of all aural evil. And the duo does a great job, despite the repetitive and maybe little predictable execution. Their ‘Raw Black Metal 666’ expresses the essence, the purity of the ‘true’ Black Metal scene (hey, nothing wrong with DSBM, Symphonic Black, Pagan-Black or whatever). There is quite some variety (also within the speed) and occasionally some highlights (like those mesmerizing solos). In combination with a cool sound quality and the grim, asphyxiating atmosphere, I can conclude that Land Of Darkness tastes like Hellish excrements. Bon appétit…

[FYI: in the meantime, Brahz recorded and self-released some new stuff, amongst which a split with Germany’s one-man army Trefihrat and a second (digital) full length, Sublimez Secte]