Album Title: 
Eternal Enemies
Release Date: 
Tuesday, April 15, 2014
Review Type: 

There was a time that Victory Records was at the fore front of the hardcore and punkrock scene…. Since a while now the label is also home to a vast number “modern –nu- metal “ bands,  Emmure being one of the bigger names in the genre…. Eternal nightmare is the 4 full length of this NY Queens based band. So what’s on offer…. Not a lot I dare say, just as many other bands in the same niche, there  is the stop and go riffing, the samples, the obligatory distorted vocals and a solid production. What’s however missing are songs, no doubt there is  a public for Emmure display of power, but in all honesty I don’t hear nothing which has net been done before and better by bands such as Slipnot, Malhavoc, Deftones, Skinny Puppy etc…. my suggestion would be to go out and discover the roots of the genre…. You’ll be doing yourself a favour.