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Darkness Divided

Darkness Divided is a Christian Metalcore band which originated as a worship act at church youth retreats, where Gerard Mora (lead unclean vocals), Christopher James Mora (guitar & backing unclean vocals) and Joseph Mora (bass) played songs in the Jeremy Camp and Third Day style.

Ill Niño

How painful : a Metal band with its first 3 albums (2001's Revolution Revolución, 2003's Confession and 2005's One Nation Underground) out on Roadrunner Records...and there's not even one in my collection, nor any of the albums which followed (2008's Enigma, 2010's Dead New World and 2012's Epidemia), and that with the sales figures of the two first albums already exceeding a million copies! I guess I' have to make some kind of mending, by relating to you the band's history in a nut-shell?

Sister Sin

Since Arch Enemy and Walls Of Jericho it’s been proved that female fronted bands are also really big and heavy when it comes to metal. Well, Sister Sin is also one, great band who the vocals are lead by a female. This band comes with their Dirty Metal sound from the capital of Sweden. One of the biggest European countries which has great metal bands. Sister Sin is a powermetal band from which Sweden counts a lot.


Although Greenville (South Carolina) based Post-Hardcore outfit Islander has only been around since 2011, its members (singer Mikey Carvajal, guitarist Andrew Murphy, bassist Chris Doot, and drummer Eric Frazier) have been playing together since 2006. Admittedly, the guys broke up for a few years, but in 2011, purely out of love of being in a band, they got back together as Islander!

The Bunny The Bear

Third full length release by this eclectic duo,  who mix up some heavy riffs backed up by a lot of prorgamming , clean vocals (by the bunny) and screams by surprise surprise ‘the bear”.  Musically The bunny the bear present us bubblegum pop spiced up with some heavy guitars, on some of the songs thisworks rater well like on the title track “ food chain” or “ so smooth so appealing” but just as often it goes teeibly wrong like on “Pale green eyes”…..


There was a time that Victory Records was at the fore front of the hardcore and punkrock scene…. Since a while now the label is also home to a vast number “modern –nu- metal “ bands,  Emmure being one of the bigger names in the genre…. Eternal nightmare is the 4 full length of this NY Queens based band. So what’s on offer…. Not a lot I dare say, just as many other bands in the same niche, there  is the stop and go riffing, the samples, the obligatory distorted vocals and a solid production.

Neurotic November

Well, there you have it...I mean, when you start a review talking about the diversity of a certain record label (in casu : Victory Records), you'll find they provide you with the handy proof to make your point! Because as mentioned in my review of the most recent Close Your Eyes album, this label deals with out-of-the-ordinary type of bands, and the same sure counts for this “MetalCore” act from sunny South Florida (home base Hialeah).

Reverend Horton Heat

Reverend Horton Heat” formed in 1985, in Dallas, Texas. A mix of elements of surf, punk, big band and rockabilly. Current members Jim Heath (guitar, vocals) Jimbo Wallace (upright bass, vocals) and Scott Churilla (drums). Made many soundtracks like Ace Ventura, The flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas and others.


The Victory Records diversity showcase: following reviews of the bands Close Your eyes and Neurotic November (who deal in Progressive Melodic Hardcore/ Pop Punk and MetalCore/ DeathCore respectively) we now come to part 3 of the showcase with a band best categorized (in a general way) under the Death Metal label [this Dallas, Texas based band is not to be confused with the (again active since 2011) American Heavy Metal act from Pennsylvania].

Close Your Eyes

The people at Victory Records really have a nice taste of music, concentrating on bands which are musically special, and somewhat “out-of-the-box”. Originally concentrating on the Hardcore and Punk genres, the guys have meanwhile broadened that palate to include bands from other genres...but at all times, there's still that somewhat special side to the bands, which stems from a will to bring something slightly more progressive.


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