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Friday, October 25, 2013
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(intro based on my review of last year’s Bereue Nichts-album; for full review: see update within the Archives, posted on October 31st 2012)

Germany’s Ewigheim is a project by some guys who did / do work with each other in several other abstract and weird combos. Yantit and Allen B. Konstanz (as well as new bass player West) worked together in raw Black Metal band Panzerkreutz, as well as experimental Goth / Dark Metal act Marienbad (review on the fabulous album Nachtfall by [it] posted on May 8th 2011), which also includes West. Yantit (and so is West once again since a couple of months) is active in Eisregen too (review on Schlangensonne, done by colleague Jeroen, posted on 07/07/2010; the new album Todestage will also appear pretty soon on this site’s Reviews’ updates) (and he’s also involved with, for example, Transilvanian Beat Club or ex-Bethlehem, FYI); Allen is in The Vision Bleak (for the interested ones, the review on Set Sail To Misery, also done with pleasure by [it], is still available on Concreteweb’s April 8th 2010-update), Nox Mortis and Asgaia, to name but a few (fyi: he worked as producer / engineer for projects Yantit is involved with, like Transilvanian Beat Club or Eisregen). It means the guys do know each other for sure.

And what’s more, as from now on they are permanently joined by former session musician / producer Markus Stock (aka Ulf Theodor Schwadorf), formerly or currently active in e.g. Empyrium (an act Allen did work with as live musician), Sun Of The Sleepless, Autumnblaze, Noekk or Nachtmahr, to name but a few, yet he’s also a colleague of Allen in e.g. The Vision Bleak or defunct Nox Mortis. Besides, he did produce works of Marienbad, Eisregen or Bethlehem - all acts the other members are / were involved with as well. Yes, a close club of cuties indeed, almost incestuous…

Nachruf is the fourth full length in almost fifteen years of existence, and like all former material (what else, anyway, did you expect), it is a completely ‘apart’ album - ‘apart’ from what we (or at least: some of you) are used to. Of course it has to do with the approach, with the vocals as important element. The voices aren’t the ‘usual’ grunts or screams, nor raw shouting or high-pitched Heavy Metal chants (with exception of the last part, which also brings a modest amount of gurgling-deep blackish screams). It stands for some kind of baritone-ish epic with a warm feel. The instrumental part of the game is an unusual story as well. At the one hand you have the rhythmic and powerful Melodic Metal pieces. At the other, these parts are injected with Electronics, symphonic excerpts, integer piano-intermezzi, semi-ballad alike sweetness (mind the cynicism!), unorthodox contra-structures and so on. As a matter of fact, one can recognize details and elements from most things these guys have ever been involved with; an eccentric mixture of The Vision Bleak, Marienbad, Nox Mortis, Autumnblaze and Bethlehem might sort of define the stuff one can expect on Nachruf. As a matter of fact, the whole sounds enormously catchy, yet of the most uncatchy kind; and then I am referring to the following duality: it all sounds rather neutral and at ease, but when dwelling deeper, one might struggle with several layers of contradictious and suddenly-revealing details, showing the subtlety, intelligence and craftsmanship of the members. You do not need to ‘love’ this kind of Music (the genre more specific I do not caress that much either), but seen the precision and perfection, this project / band must still be considered ‘top’.

My personal point of criticism is the poppy catchiness that sickens a couple of tracks. I do not mind listening to a symbiosis of, let’s say, Rammstein and Deadlock, but a couple of times I think this material (once again) sounds rather self-insulting, and I do not think this is the way it was meant to…