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Friday, September 27, 2013
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HateSphere dwell within a specific genre I do not like that much, but this Danish act has always been one of my absolute favourites within this modern Thrash-edged scene. The Napalm-release To The Nines from 2009, for example, was for sure one of my favourite Thrash albums that very same year.

Murderlust goes on in the vein of the latest efforts. The album brings fifty minutes of energetic and rhythmic Thrash Metal that sounds both modern and traditional. There’s some important variation (breaks, tempo-changes etc.), but compared to ‘classics’ like To The Nines or The Sickness Within, I have the impression that there is something missing. Don’t get me wrong, for this album is filled with ingenious ideas and, of course, a high-skilled performance by true professionals. I just think my expectations were too high, and I am not completely satisfied. No further comment…