Album Title: 
Torture Of Consciousness
Release Date: 
Monday, October 27, 2014
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Inhumanity are a Death Metal combo from Ukraine, with only one record on their discography, the EP / MCD Torture Of Consciousness. The trio recorded this stuff in July 2012, and soon after it was released via Russia’s Satanath Records.

Torture Of Consciousness lasts for thirteen minutes (a short intro and three tracks that last for about four minutes each) and opens with the instrumental intro Mind Tomb, based on a rather obscure guitar lead with splendid semi-acoustic accompaniment. But with the next track, the title song, you know what to expect: fierce and violent Death Metal with a touch of primal brutality. It is like a sonic expression of hate, anger and disgust, translated through melodic and grooving, yet extremely powerful riffs and rhythms. It is filled with hints of the Swedish (early Hypocrisy, Grave) and German (Penetralia, Arroganz) scene, though it is not limited to this grotesquery. Dimensions Of Pure Evil is even more interesting, with truly fabulous tremolo leads throughout the whole track, drenching all of it into a mostly nasty and obscure mud. And the EP ends with a track called Into The Grave… ever heard of it? No, seriously, this must be one of the best cover songs ever (though once again, the original is better than etc.).

I do not know if this Ukrainian combo is still ‘alive’ (at least one member left in mean time), but if so, then I do look forward to hear their upcoming (full length?) release. This record is one of the best things within this specific niche I’ve heard in quite some time!