Sacrilegious Impalement

Album Title: 
II: Exalted Spectres
Release Date: 
Wednesday, November 24, 2021
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[another short one, yet once again one that needs / deserves some (any) additional support by undersigned, despite being released – or better: re-released – a year and a half ago]

More than ten years ago, I did write some reviews for Sacrilegious Impalement, back then part of the Hammer Of Hate family. Yet seen the transfer to another server about a decade and something ago, these reviews aren’t available anymore. But that does not matter. The thing is that this Finnish band’s second full-length has been reissued, and that’s a positive thing, for this album (and the same goes for the debut Cultus Nex, to my opinion) was (and still is) a worthy effort.

To keep it short: Exalted Spectres was initially released at the very end of May 2011 via Hammer Of Hate Records. Satanath Records, in collaboration with other labels, re-released this material at the end of Autumn 2021. This re-issue comes in a ‘normal’ jewel-case compact-disc, which includes a sixteen-page booklet. The album has nine titles, clocking forty-one minutes. And the artwork, well, take a look and get your own opinion, but isn’t it fitting to the content and concept?...

II Exalted Spectres brought (and still brings, evidently), some extremely grim and eldritch form of timeless Black Metal. Remarkable is the highly-technical approach, somewhat Post-laden in sound and in some riffage, yet maintaining an execution that is deeply rooted within the tradition of the Second Wave trend. Most of the album is fast - and that includes a huge amount of blasting excerpts - yet mid-tempo and even slow-paced moments are part of the whole sadistic game as well.

The leading guitar parts act like the spine of the album. The core of the album gets painted by mesmerizing dual / tremolo riffs, sharp-edged solo-work and malignant, poignant string-handling. But this can’t exist without the massive support of the rhythm section: down-tuned bass and rhythm guitars and truly amazing, thunderous drum-patterns. Besides, one cannot ignore the intensity of the main vocals; an ultimately harsh and uncompromising, deeply-gurgling and malicious throat spits venom and acid in the face of (your) god. The whole experience is claustrophobic and stifling, resulting in a most obscured, abyssal way.

About each single composition stands like a victorious fist risen towards the sky, consecrated with well-balanced methodical technicity and an out-of-the-box-thinking song-writing and execution. At the same time, is breathes tradition and progression. Together with the harsh yet harmonious sound-quality, the result teases and pleases.

I said to keep it short and concise this time, for this review deals with a re-release. But believe me if I complement with some superlatives, like: ‘must-have’, ‘necessity’, ‘top-notch’, or ‘superior’. This album does not renew, but it does not need to be ‘original’ whatever. It’s just a nice addition to your collection, on top of comparable likes like, for example, Watain, Dissection, Korgonthurus, Necrophobic or Azaghal.

Conclusion: if you do not know this interesting work yet, then it might be the perfect time right now to, and so on…