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Thursday, July 17, 2014
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Tiran aka TирAн are a Russian combo I had not heard of before. I even have no idea whether this is a full-time and full-member band or a solo-project, I don’t know when they were formed, and if there’s other stuff available. But once again I will focus this time on what I did receive from the great Satanath-roster, and that’s this single, Used.

First the cover artwork: awesome! Nightmarish but great, if only because of the choice for the limitation in colours. No multi-coloured pallet, no blood-red details… See above for the cover painting and share my enthusiasm.

But this review deals with the sonic result, and that is another story. First an intro, starting as a sweet lullaby and evolving into an eerie, horrific soundtrack of terrific grandeur… Then two short tracks (3:20 minutes each), bringing rhythmic and melodic Punk-injected Thrash Metal with an old school attitude, variety in tempo, hints of traditional yet violent Death Metal, and a simple yet technical execution, interspersed with nasty rhythms and fierce solos, melodic leads and both screaming and (though less present) grunting vocals. Twice recognizable, yet twice refreshing and unlike each other in performance… Fun guaranteed!