Hass Weg Productions


Vacula Productions did surprise me a lot last year and this year with quite some hands full of fine releases, such as Grimwald, Aeons Ov Frost, Nyx, Northern Tod or (evidently) Emptiness Soul, amongst many others. Just click on the label’s name on top of this review to check out some other reviews undersigned did for this Ukrainian label.


If you search the .net, you will find tens of bands called Lycanthropy. I for myself do like several acts with that name, but the one from Russia / Ukraine must be one I like most. ‘Like’, can you imagine I am using that word… Anyway, on December 1st 2014 Concreteweb did upload the review undersigned did for the Dead Silence-EP, which I got from Metallic Media, and since then, this three-piece (gathered around two permanent members) recorded / released some more stuff.


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