Rough Trade Benelux.

Royal Hunt

"A Life To Die For" is the 12the Royal Hunt studio album. The Danish band joined forces with former lead singer DC Cooper, Andre Andersen (keyboard), Allan Sorensen (drums), Andreas Passmark (bass) AndJonas Larsen (guitar).


Life, Love & Hope is the sixth studio Album by American rock band Boston. It is their first studio album in eleven years after the death of lead vocalist Brad Delp. The album includes volcals from Brad Delp and Tommy Decarlo, as well as Kimberley Dahme, David Victor, and songwriter Scholz himself.

Def Leppard

For those of you who don’t know the record “Hysteria” it’s time you discover one of the best gems that came from the 80’s. Every song on this album could have been released as a single. Now you have the chance to witness the Music in it’s purest sense, “Def Leppard” did the effort to play the entire album live on their visit to the city of sin, Las Vegas. Not only did they play the album from front to back but it also was recorded to be released as a full blown high definition Bluray/DVD/2CD  release.


Zodiac comes from Münster ( Germany) and was formed in 2010 with former(old) members of Misery Speaks ( Death Metal ) and among others current Janosch Rathmer drummer of Long Distance Calling. The music of Zodiac is according to me a mixture of Blues " Underneath " in Classik Rock " Downtown ". We can also hear on certain songs of the influences rock of the 70s. " Leave behind me as well as " believer " let us in to the world of the rock ballads of the 80s.


With Perigaea Antahkarana, the Drone Death duo (singer/ guitarist/ keyboardist Blake Green and drummer/ violinist Brittany McConnell) known as Wolvserpent releases its sophomore full-length, and its debut for Relapse Records.


As I was listening to this album for the first time, the first though that came through my mind was, “You see, I was right, this IS that infamous Death Metal act from New Zealand! So why in hell...” (I was trying to stay in the appropriate frame of mind there) “...didn't the editor-in-chief hand over the album to my Death Metal loving colleague, Ivan?” The lame answer to that would be, that The Chief simply looses sight on whàt should go to which of his collaborators, as he simply gets swamped with work thanks to all the downloading to be done!

Reo Speedwagon

Legendary American rock band during the 80s and of return after years participated to diverse festivals and tours, Reo Speedwagon returns to us with a new live cd . All best of the band for all the oldschool fans. Lots of classic rock song and of course beautiful classic rock ballads such as the " keep one loving you " or " I can' t fight this feeling ", everything is there for all Reo Speedwagon oldschool fans.


Hail Of Bullets

Hail Of Bullets (2006) Dutch death metal band featuring GOREFEST drummer Ed Warby, THANATOS guitarists Stephan Gebédi and Paul Baayens, vocalist Martin Van Drunen (HAIL OF BULLETS, PESTILENCE, ASPHYX) and former HOUWITSER bass player Theo van Eekelen.

Def Leppard

Def Leppard who for me, is the best Hard Rock English band of of all times returns to us with a live record which takes us in a universe of the years of glory of the band with all their  past hits until now. Everything is there, a best of with a great sound and a band which lost nothing of its scenic energy giving to his fans all that he needs and that’s “pure rock n roll”. A must for all Def Leppard fans!


Benedictum formed in 2005 is an American Heavy Metal band from san diego with a powerful female singer whose voice is very heavy  and reminds me a mixture between Midnight r.i.p. ( Crimson Glory) and Rob Halford. Their fifth album " Obey " has all that it is necessary of a good heavy metal record.


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