Rough Trade Benelux.

Leaves' Eyes

Leaves' Eyes are one of these bands that have come a long way to be where they are now. In my opinion, this band still deserves a ton more respect, definitely after the release of their new release, entitled Symphonies Of The Night.
The album title is just perfect for the music it contains. All songs are bombastic, mysterious and the band shows some of the best variety every heard within the genre.

The Answer

The Answer were one of the very few Irish retro rock bands that actually made a name for themselves…at least for a little while..with highlight the support act for AC/DC.

In Solitude

The music is rooted in classic 80s metal, but with a punk wave twist that makes In Solitude sound fresh. A big strength concerning this album is the actual performances; you can just feel the energy and pure will that lies behind the band members' delivery of the music, expressive and rock solid on every front. “He comes” opens the disc and lays the groundwork for the melancholic atmosphere that runs through the album. Most of the songs are very catchy and there is not one bad song among them.

Seventh Key

Together with Streets bandmate Mike Slamer, Kansas bass player Billy Greer formed Seventh Key in 2001. They released two critically acclaimed albums, the self-titled debut in 2001 and ‘The Raging Fire’ in 2004, followed by the live cd/dvd ‘Live In Atlanta’ in 2005. Now 8 years later they finally released the long awaited follow up and it’s again a fine piece of work. Musically however there are no big surprises.


Line Up  : Michael Sweet – Lead Vocal / Lead Guitar

                 Robert Sweet – Drums and Visual Timekeeping

                 Timothy Gaines – Bass / Vocals

                 Oz Fox – Lead Guitar / Vocals


Classic metal is indestructible, and Stryper proves that with their new album ‘No More Hell To Pay’.

Primitive Man

Primitive Man are a new act from Denver, Colorado, debuting with this forty-minute long album Scorn. And I won’t spend too many words on this noisy grandeur. Just read this:

Red Fang

Red Fang entered the game in 2009 with their self titled debut, formed by Bryan G., Aaron B., David S., John S., quickly establishing themselves on the world’s underground scene as a powerful riff machine. Early shows with Helmet and Crowbar gained respect from crouds, press and peers alike, showcasing a fresh, soulful and high octane live rock experience

King Kobra

King Kobra was a band that was formed in the eighties by Carmine Appice.  Other band members at that time were Mark Free on vocals, David-Michael Philips and Mick Sweda on guitars and  finally Johnny Rod on bass.

Ugly Kid Joe

Stairway to heaven? With seventeen years between their album release of ‘America’s Least Wanted’ their back with a killer record ‘Straight Out Of Hell!’ The first song ‘Devil’s Paradise’ grabs you by the throat and it never lets go, verry heavy riffing and Withfield Crane blends right in with his vocals.‘You Make Me Sick’ is the second song on the album it’s a very laid back song to nod along with. The crunchy sound of the guitar makes the song.

True Widow

True Widow is a three piece Texas, US outfit that embodies the spirit of 90s shoe gaze rock within a very laid back and sonically valium drapery.


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