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Venomous Maximus

Austrian label Napalm recently released Beg Upon The Light, the debut full length of Texan act Venomous Maximus. This outfit around frontman Gregg Higgins created a concept that isn’t that unusual in this kind of Music, i.e. the darkest vision of occultism. The album brings a modern and catchy mixture of Dark Rock, Stoner and Doom Metal with a very darkened, occult atmosphere. It’s melodic and, at the same time, rocking, it’s modern and traditional, it’s catching and obscure.


Revocation’s fourth album is a fair slab of modern thrash metal from USA.  This album got a production of nice quality, heavy and stomping, and generally the band sound fairly good even though the vocals can appear quite less inspired Phil Anselmo like at times. Musically the outcome is not too bad, just quite unsurprising to say the least. While it may be difficult to point out any blatantly copied elements, you cannot avoid a recurring sense of déja-vu every now and then.


There’s hardly a year that goes by without Jorn releasing a new album.  Of course the man has a fantastic voice and most of the time is accompanied by a great band, so you’ll not hear a real complaint from me.


No remorse and no regret is carved in the minds of all those taking part of the extreme metal ways of impressive US gore death outfit Exhumed. All of the elements that made Exhumed previous outings such a noxious joy are present and encountered for.


When the Detroit-based combo Battlecross ended their North American tour with In Flames earlier this year, the quartet (Kyle ‘Gumby’ Gunther-v, Tony Asta-g, Hiran Deraniyagala-g, and Don Slater-b; with session assistance on drums by The Black Dahlia Murder / All That Remains-member Shannon Lucas) entered the Audio Hammer Studio to record the sophomore Metal Blade full length, after 2011’s Pursuit Of Ho


When it comes to ‘our kind’ of Music, the presence of J.R.R. Tolkien has been a constant element. Long before the current hype, caused by the Lord Of The Rings-motion picture trilogy (and now The Hobbit), ‘we’ extracted tolkienish elements into ‘our’ sonic experiments. Bands and projects were named after beings, entities, places, histories etc. from the many stories by this famous fantasy writer, and so were ‘artist names’. Several bands, however, not just used those names to label themselves or their project.

Sammy Hagar & Friends

Sammy Hagar is an all-rounder, but if he excels in anything it’s certain in Blues/Soul music topped with a rocky sound. In addition, he is helped by his friends. that can only sound good in my opinion.

It’s since 2008 that Hagar yet released a solo album.

It's an album based on his roots. It’s professionally mixed and mastered by the team (Sammy Hagar, John Cuniberti and Jaimeson Durr).

‘Winding Down’


The origins of Swedish band EntrailS (not the one from the very same country, but hailing from the city of Avesta, at the North of Stockholm; ‘ours’ is the one from Linneryd, at the South of Sweden) go back to Winter 1990/1991. A couple of friends wanted to play Death Metal in the Sunlight-vein, but things didn’t seem to turn out very well. The members rehearsed a lot, but after some time, half of the quartet decided to quit to concentrate on other musical projects, and shortly after EntrailS were put to rest.


Ok, this is a bit more unusual compared to metal albums but lets give it a try shall we. As the title implies, we got a 3 DVD box containing various rivalries in the history of wrestling. And to be honest I do love a good fight (who doesn’t?), but it has been over 10 years since I actually watched a wrestling match or even played a video game in that genre. So I have no idea who or what’s hot and what not in that particular scene. So I asked a good friend of mine who is, just to be a bit more objective.


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