Rough Trade Benelux.


Their comeback album was released shorter than a year ago, and now Player is ready to release some new material upon the world.  This is their sixth album, despite going back to 1977 to trace the roots of this band.

Diamond Dawn

For a debut album this can count.  Yet another band hailing from Sweden, Goteborg this time, in the countless stream of AOR, hard rock and heavy metal bands this country produces.  Must be something in the water I guess…

Six Feet Under

Unborn is the tenth full length studio album by Six Feet Under, in mean time, and it sounds as if these guys have the virility of a teenager. Experience pays, you see.

For a discography or history, I’d like to refer to the web for I’m too lazy right now. …had an extremely busy week, you see.


I’ve never been disappointed by any of Hate’s former albums, and the good news is: with Solarflesh I won’t be either. The new album by the Polish combo Hate goes on in the very same vein of the past, i.e. technical, slightly experimental Death / Black Metal, ambitious and well-thought. As a matter of fact, Solarflesh is the most logical, evident successor of 2010’s Erebos (means also: less mythical, less Post-oriented – cf.


Murder Death Kill clearly explains what the band Mortillery stands for: thrash metal to the bone. Literally, to the bone, since they will definitely rip out your spine with their bone hard headbang provoking riffs.


Remember the gore ol’ times?...

This is such a band that defines the initial core of Relapse’s roster. Devourment, the one from Dallas, Texas, are known for their mostly uncompromising, mercilessly blasting Grind-edged Death assaults. They do it with conviction, with brutal power, with great craftsmanship. Yeah, oops, they did it again!


As appetizer: check out the reviews (professionally and grimly) done for this splendid website in our archives section for Aeon’s former releases.


The French metallers of Lonewolf don't leave anything to chance. They offer metal of the purest sort and they don't retaliate to show it. When listening to the fourth track on their latest album, which goes by the name of Army of the damned, they shout it out in a way that could never have been clearer: "We are what we are and we are metal!" I think this is a profound as it gets.

Milking The Goatmachine

I did have the goated honour to review Milking The Goatmachine’s former releases Back From The Goats, Seven… A Dinner For One, and Clockwork Udder (see this wonderful site’s archive section in case you do goatly care), and now our pretty website’s boss grants me with this crazy combo’s newest play, Stallzeit. Time to go to bed, dear goats, but not without those sweet lullabies during bedtime-porridge!


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