Satanath Records


Polish act Lugburz were formed in 1996, and after some demonstrational recordings, they released a first full length studio album in 2006, called Triumph Of The Antichrist. There has been a split too in mean time (with fellow countrymen Meghorash, a one-man project by Northrend) and a break for many years. But now, finally, Lugburz return with a second full length, Pure Misanthropy Of Death, which was actually recorded in early spring 2011.

Garth Arum

Garth Arum is probably a new name to many a Metal music lover, and that's not so surprising...because it is the solo outing of a musician by the name of Nightmarer...whom in normal life is known as singer/ guitarist Óscar Martín of Madrid based Avant-Garde Metal outfit As Light Dies.


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