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Raven were something of a cult band back in the eighties, and had some good songs, and although the manager of Megaforce Records Jon Zazula believed they had it in them to become a major label material (they signed their first record deal with Neat Records, the legendary low-budget metal label) and they eventually had a deal with Atlantic Records, the promises could never be fulfilled.

The Jury And The Saints

This album provides me with a lovely sense of nostalgia, taking me back to the days of being a teenager. Give this album to my sons and they're quiet for a couple of hours! Maybe this band could be a possible nominee for the line up of "Groezrock, Belgium"!

Fateful Finality

The stylistic direction of their music is unmistakable, but their great autonomy and compositional intelligence are amazing for a band this young : their second album "Battery" proves impressively that the Southern German thrashmetal act Fateful Finality has rightly come to enjoy a reputation as one of Germany's most hopeful new metal proponents. The winner of the Wacken Metal Battle Germany 2012 have made the most of that window of opportunity and, three years after their debut King Of Torture, present themselves as an even more mature fourpiece.


I guess SPV/Steamhammer wanted to hop on the bandwagon, and make money by releasing this single as a Christmas release, and linking this to the commemoration of the Great War as well (That’s the First World War, for those of you who have just come out of a centuries long hibernation – just kidding of course).

Axel Rudi Pell

As I mentioned here, 2014 is becoming an excellent year for Heavy Metal. The 53-year old German guitar player Axel Rudi Pell, who has been on the road since 1981, has just released his sixteenth studio album, ‘Into the Storm’, and the final result is so pleasant that it will be hard for any headbanger not to enjoy it.

Rebellious Spirit

Rebellious Spirit a very young metal band founded in the southern Germany. Never heard about them but I think not the last time. Current members are Jannik Fischer (vocals, guitars), his brother Jens (bass), Silvio Bizer (drums) and Corvin Domhardt (guitar).

Onkel Tom

Onkel Tom is a German group founded by “Onkel Tom Angelripper” playing metal versions of schlagers, drinking songs and Christmas carols. Maybe you recognize Tom Angelripper from Sodom. Yes this is his solo project alive and kicking.

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