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The Dead

I thought The Dead were dead. We haven’t experienced anything anymore since 2009, but this Australian trio finally return with their third full length (after 2007’s self-titled debut, and the 2009-album Ritual Executions).

Dying Out Flame

How many bands do you know that come out from Nepal? I didn’t know any at all, until now. Dying Out Flame are a young quartet from the capital of Kathmandu, and apparently there is quite an active scene out there. I hope to ‘meet’ more from that era, but let’s focus on this band and album right now.


Warfuck are a side-project by two Obnoxious-members, Matthieu ‘Mak’ Gamet and Nicolas Latreille. In spring 2012 Warfuck released a first collection of lullabies, called The Weak And The Wicked (self-released), and on December 13th 2013 they came up with the successor, the independently released sonic assault Neantification.


Pyre are an act from Saint Petersburg, Russia, formed in spring 2011, and consisting of members involved within the Black and Death Metal scene out there (think: Drama, Chamber Of Torture, Ragor, Ulvdalir etc.). After a first demonstrational recording, Pyre signed to Blood Harvest in order to release the 7”EP Ravenous Decease (2012).


For more than a decade and a half, Swedish act Misericordia punish the ignorant human kind by unleashing their crafted Sounds of Hell. However, it’s been quite some time that they did release something to fight for, but they strike back with Throne Of Existence, a ten-tracker that lasts for forty seven minutes.


The Czech Republic for sure is one of the most notorious countries when it comes to Grindcore Music and relatives, but it also houses one of the most important labels -and then I am honestly referring to the worldwide scene- within the Brutal Death / Grind / Goregrind scene: Bizarre Leprous Productions, home to bands like Pigsty, Ingrowing, Tu Carne, Destructive Explosion Of Anal Garland (I will review their newest collection of elegies in a very near future too), Bowelfuck

7 H.Target

The Russian Death Metal-scene is growing expansively, and 7 H.Target are part of this satisfying evolution. It’s quite a remarkable moniker they carry, but for this Russian horde it’s more than just a bold statement. It’s their expression to define a new level of Death Metal. Also the explicit cover artwork (apparently created by three painters) and the album’s new-generation title are inherent to innovation and progression. They did prove it a couple of times before, and their constantly evolving attitude gets stronger and stronger by each release.

Vomiting Corpses

The German band Vomiting Corpses was active in between 1988 and 1995. In that period, they released two demo tapes (The Call and Cold Blood), followed by a full length LP in 1995, called Coma: The Spheres Of Innocence. It was released via Invasion Records, a German sub-division of Sweden’s Black Diamond Productions (both of them are defunct in mean time). Then they split up, and some members went on to form Anasarca.


This review deals with the German act Doomed, and not the American or, to my concern, the Antarctic one. This act was formed in 2011 in Saxony by Pierre Laube, and in 2012 Doomed satisfied us with two albums, the self-released The Ancient Path, and In My Own Abyss, their debut for Solitude Productions.


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