Transcending Obscurity

Infested Entrails

Grindhead Records have proven before to have a good nose for signing pretty nasty and ugly combos (evidently often from Australian soil). Recently they teamed up with young Australian five-piece Infested Entrails (now with a new bass player). Shortly after they were formed, Infested Entrails recorded and released an EP, and Defiling A Piece Of The Deceased is their debut full length studio recording. This album clocks just over half an hour and has some of the EP-tracks being recorded again.


Once again Xtreem Records surprises the worldwide audience with a great release. 2014 truly was a top-year for this Spanish label; check the many positive reviews undersigned did for them full of wonder and respect. Transcending Obscurity is part of that trend too by doing great promotional work for this label by Dave Rotten. This Stormvold-release will just continue that great nice trend…


One of the many excellent releases on Spanish label Xtreem Music, run by Christ Denied / Avulsed’s Dave Rotten, is the EP Morbid Black Oath by Hungarian five-piece Gravecrusher, an experienced act that was formed in 2012 (the members are or were involved with the likes of Necrosodomy, Nebron [one of my faves!] or Goblin Gore).

My Shameful

It’s no secret. Everybody knows that Finland houses an impressive list of great Doom-acts, whether it be within the Traditional / Classic Doom current, the Epic Doom, Doom-Death, Funeral Doom, or the Doom-Doomer-Doomiest Doom one. And one of the best known and, to some, most impressive projects out there is this one, My Shameful.


With exception of Hallucination, Necrolepsy and mighty Barzak (they changed their name in mean time), I think I have never heard of any Bangladesh-based Metal-band before. Don’t worry; it’s not that Bangladesh houses such a huge scene. But one cannot deny the qualities of the few bands that (seem to) dwell out there. Brings me to this band, Morbidity, also from the capital of Dhaka, debuting with Revealed From Ashes on mighty Memento Mori.


2014 was truly a year that did put the Doom-Sludge scene on the highest step. There were so many releases, including lots of disappointments, but amongst them also tens of fabulous ones; something we didn’t experience since this genre was sort of ‘born’. We have to make sure that this trend does not overrule itself, but as for now, I think there is no silly overcrowding.


Emblazoned are an ‘old’ American act, finally coming up with their debut full length. You’re welcome…

Eucharistiae Sacramentum stands for half an hour of fast, energetic, rhythmic, tight and solid War / Death Metal of the ‘timeless’ kind (i.e. based on tradition without being retro, and modern without being progressive), including some hints of Black Metal (especially when it comes to the sphere) and Old School Morbid Doom-Death Metal.

Spina Bifida

Before I joined Concreteweb’s crew, I wrote reviews for my own sake. I made one for each single recording I bought (tapes, vinyl, and as from the Nineties also CD’s) for my own pleasure. Then, almost fifteen years ago, I joined Concreteweb (it’s a dirty job but someone has to do it; and how else would this label gain such a superior status if I wasn’t involved? …indeed, I thought so…).

Internal Rot

I have to admit that I am not that trusted with the Grind-scene from Australia; on the contrary. I even wasn’t trusted with Blastafuk Grindcore’s roster, but apparently this must be one of the most prominent Grind-labels from Down Under. Will Internal Rot start the new hype?


The Kerala, India-based act Chaos released a demo in 2009 with the name Violent Redemption, but since most tracks differ, you cannot call this album just a re-release, and nothing more either. This just for your sweet information…


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