Transcending Obscurity


Maybe you do know the band Toxic Napalm, even though they did not release anything important at all. Anyway, they started in 2010, but in 2012 these Dutch guys changed their moniker into Ecocide. I guess it was because of their change of style, and the release of a demo which was called Ecocide… Doesn’t matter, Ecocide (i.e.

Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferi

The nameless debut full length by Mexico’s Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferi was initially released on CD in August 2012 via Onslaught Records. Orgasmatron Records took care of the release on tape, and the vinyl edition (12”EP) saw the light in 2013 via Abyssmo Productions. And now there’s a re-issue once again, this time via mighty Memento Mori, and with inclusion of the untitled 2011-demo as bonus.


One of the most influential Death Metal bands from Spain is this one: Avulsed, formed more than two decades ago by David ‘Rotten’ Sanchez Gonzalez, owner of Xtreem Music (formerly Drowned Productions, then Repulse Records).


It is not the first time that I will review an album by a band or project from an ‘unusual’ country – think United Arab Emirates (Nervecell), Maldives (Sacred Legacy), Saudi-Arab (Al Namrood), Jordan (Relics Of Martyrs) or Iran (Margg). In my personal collection, by the way, there’s more stuff from those countries, as well as the likes of Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kirgizia, Bahrein or Lebanon.


Swedish horde Nefandus was formed more than two decades ago by e.g. Mika ‘Belfagor’ Hakola, whom you might know from, for example, Ofermod, Leidungr or Serpent Noir. In that period Nefandus released the album The Nightwinds Carried Our Names via defunct Secula Delenda. And I was not really impressed back then.


Luna are a solo-outfit by Anton Demort, aka DeMort, whom you might know from the Doom-Death band Amily (remember the nice To All In Graves-album in 2012, also done via probably the greatest Funeral Doom / Doom-Death label on Mater Terra, Russia’s Solitude Productions?). He started this project one year ago and now comes with the first album, called Ashes To Ashes.

Ars Moriendi

Ars Moriendi are a solo-project by Bastien ‘Arsonist’ Mailhot, whom you might know from, for example, Rein, Solipsis or Notre Amertume (so this has nothing to do with the same-named act from Lithuania nor the one from Austria; and maybe, who knows, there are others with the very same moniker?...).


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