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Boy Oh Boy, what a mistake I’ve made.  I should have listened to this album much earlier, because it’s damn good.  Mind you, it’s not on par with what must be Queensrÿche’s most successful and most influential album up to now, that is of course ‘Operation Mindcrime’, but it almost  reaches the same celestial heights. 

The Tangent

The Tangent have been in the business for so long that I don't think they need any introduction. Their debut album The Music that Died Alone came back in 2001 and the band have continued to deliver albums since then.. The Tangent are one of the ground breaking bands in their genre and by that I mean the prog/sympho rock genre.


This young Prog Rock band was formed in 2008 by singer/ guitarist Luke Machin during his days at the Brighton Institute Of Modern Music (UK), but apparently both he and bassist Daniel Mashal (the other members, by the way, are second guitarist Elliot Fuller, keyboardist/ backing singer Georgia Lewis, and drummer Doug Hamer) had already put in time gathering experience for three years as members of well-known act The Tangent before going off on their own with their

Sound of Contact

This new young prog rock duo band has probably listened to Porcupine Tree, Yes, Pink Floyd and Genesis a lot; the latter being a rather obvious influence as the drummer-singer of Sound of Contact is Simon Collins who is the son of Phil.

Templeton Pek

In the 2008 three friends from UK decide to found a band and to play the music they love: swinging safe less skate-hardcore. This was the birth of Templeton Pek. Meanwhile, they have released three full-length CDs and one EP. Main inspirations of Templeton Pek seem to be bands like Rise Against, 30 Seconds from Mars, Ignite and Pennywise. In general their songs are 3-4 minute bursts, fast and full of swinging parts.

Ghost B.C.

On February 5, 2013, the band announced their name change to Ghost B.C.in the United States due to legal reasons. Discussing the name change, a Nameless Ghoul said ‘B.C.’ is obviously a pun on ‘Before Christ’, but it’s just an amendment. In our world, we’re just gonna be called Ghost, and when we refer to our records, it’s gonna be the Scandinavian version, saying Ghost only, and we are never ever ever ever ever ever gonna call ourselves Ghost B.C. in any way.

Spiritual Beggars

Spiritual Beggars have been around for a long time. Their first self titled album was released away back in ‘94 and since then the band has strived to make melodious and challenging hard rock music always looking to be that bit different. This is fully fledged retro rock. There are edgy, driving guitar riffs, layered keyboard fills and swirls, big melodic choruses, a firing vocal performance, classy production.


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