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I Am Heresy

When Nathan Gray (also in the like-it-or-leave-it formation Boysetsfire; personally I am part of the ‘leave-it’ trend) formed I Am Heresy in 2011, he wanted to express his passion for complex Extreme Metal. He wrote and recorded a first (self-titled) album shortly after, with assistance of his son Simon, who did the main guitar parts.

Gus G.

Gus G, born September 12 1980 in Thessalonki, Greece and is a metal guitaris. He current plays with his band Firewind and Ozzy Osbourne. He also played in Mystick Prophecy, Nightragen, Arch Enemy and Dream Evil. In 2012 he had time to made he solo record because he want to made some hard-rock/metal music.


It's hard to believe we've gone nearly six years without a new Bigelf album. Sadly, this isn't the album I was hoping for.

Butcher Babies

Butcher Babies is an American metal band from Los Angeles, California founded in 2010. Their linu-up is: Carla Harvey – vocals, Heidi Shepherd – vocals, Henry Flury – guitars, Jason Klein – bass and Chris Warner – drums. They making some horror metal but never less I think the two front girls are nice to see if you don’t know what I mean just google their name and you will see it. Some tape can hide the nipple but not the gate, I don’t know it hurts if pull it off.

Adrenaline Mob

Adrenaline Mob formed in early 2011 in New York. By singer Russell Allen (Symphonny X), guitarist Mike Orlando and drummer Portnoy (ex-Dream Theater). After some changes of members, Mike Portnoy left in june 2013 due to ‘scheduling conflicts’ .For the moment are the current members: Russell Allen (Vocals), Mike Orlando (Guitars), John Moyer (Bass) and AJ Pero (Drums formerly Twisted Sister).


Incuria is an Canadian theatrical hard-rock band based in Vancouver, BC. Playing a blend of hard rock, prog and metal instrumentals with high vocals. Members are Phil Gardner (Drums), Kyle Gruninger (Vocals), Jim McLaren (Keys) ,Jono Olson (Bass) and Royce Whittaker (Guitar). They started the group in 2009 an this is their first


Amongst the (many) bands that do not really need an introduction for being a kind of ‘legend’: Deicide! More than two and a half decades of experience, ten studio releases (some very good, some shitty, and some in between), and an enormous live reputation (though often contested), this are but a limited view on the glorious existence of these American sweethearts, once coming to Earth to make blasphemy a religion on its own. Hail!


I’m pretty sure, in case I would be interested in composing an end year’s list for 2013, that French horde Necrowretch will be part of it by means of the band’s debut full length Putrid Death Sorcery, which was released on January 28th via current label Century Media (review updated on May 9th). So could you imagine my enthusiasm when receiving this new album. However, as the title suggests, Bestial Rites 2009-2012 isn’t a new studio recording, but a compilation.


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