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In a series of anthologic compilations (there’s also the one from Sweden’s pre-Tiamat-formation Treblinka, for example; review to come up soon), Century Media come with Transgressing The Afterlife - The Complete Recordings 1988-2002. As the title of the compilation suggests, this release deals with the whole sonic history of any material ever (officially) done by Abramelin, one of Australia’s greatest, and oldest, Death Metal bands.

Vattnet Viskar

In spite of their bandname (which is Swedish for 'the water is whispering'), Vattnet Viskar is an American Atmospheric Black/ Doom Metal band from Plaistow, New Hampshire, where it was founded during Summer 2010 by guitarists Chris Alfieri and Nicholas Thornbury (the latter also taking on the task of lead vocalist), with Alan Sobodacha and Colin Conway ( see also Death Ray Vision, Frozen, Sentinel, Soul Remnants – formerly of The Ye

The Safety Fire

This London based British band was founded by longtime friends Derya Nagle (guitar) and Lori Peri (bass), who picked up their respective instruments at the age of 14, and decided to start a band.

Eyes Set To Kill

This now Tempe, AZ based Alternative/ Post-Hardcore/ Screamo band was originated in Phoenix (also AZ) during 2003 by sisters Alexia (guitar) and Anissa (bass) Rodriguez, alongside former lead singer Lindsay Vogt, who searched the local scene for musicians (a second singer – for “unclean”, a rhythm guitarist, and a drummer) to join their band.


I have little to no knowledge what's going on in the progressive metal scene at the moment, but I do know this, I enjoy what Haken have to offer. It's prog, so you know what to expect ..


This is already the second live album by Firewind. In 2008 they released their first one ‘Premonition’.  Since they’ve released two additional studio albums and thought the time was ripe to release another live album.  This is also the last material they are releasing with their former vocalist Apollo, who left the band after seven fruitful years.


To those music lovers at home in the world of Progressive Death Metal, the Swede Dan Swanö will be somewhat of a legend, known in the first place from his fronting role as lead singer/ bassist in the bands/ projects Edge Of Sanity, Nightingale (where he was the drummer), and Bloodbath (where he handles both drums and guitar.

James LaBrie

In between touring and recording albums with Dream Theater, frontman James LaBrie found time to release a new solo album titled ‘Impermanent Resonance’. After two albums with the group name MullMuzzler, this is his third album running under his own name. Not only did partner in crime Matt Guillory again take a leading role in the composing of the song material but he also handled all of the keyboards as well as backing vocals. Twelve tracks were recorded with twoi additional tracks for the limited digipack edition.  


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