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Angelus Apatrida

Good to know,  “Evil unleashed  / give’ em war” is a  rerelease  of the first 2  albums of this Spanish band,   the info sheet tells me that we’re talking thrash, but  in my opinion Angelus Apatrida  are just as  much a power metal band as they are  thrash.   This  review also only refers to  “Evil unleashed”  for the simple  reason that  that’s  all the promo package proved to me contained….   Anyway Angelus Apatrida    come as a nice surprise to me as  even today  good quality  metal bands from Spain are  a rare breed.

Spiritual Beggars

The band’s acclaimed and hard-to-find debut album, the self-titled Spiritual Beggars from 1994 is re-issued with over 70 minutes of unreleased bonus material as 2 CD of 3 album via Century Media Records. Spiritual Beggars is the blueprint for Spiritual Beggars’ future albums for years to come although it does not reach the perfection of some of those (Ad Astra is my fave), but still this is a worthwhile re-issue of a near-perfect slice of stoner rock debut by a young fresh band, composed of very talented players (

The Flower Kings

The Flower Kings is a Swedish band formed in 1995 around guitarist Roine Stolt and keyboard player Tomas Bodin. Their music is progressive rock on some other albums “Unfold the Futur” can hear some jazz influence.

Devin Townsend Project

Devin Garret Townsend must be one of Canada’s most active persons within the Extreme Metal scene. As teenager, he played in a couple of bands, and one of those, called Noisescapes, drew attention of Steve Vai, who asked him to help him out with his upcoming album.

Paradise Lost

First of all: no massive introduction, for everyone knows this band, and nobody will accept the current Metal scene without the influence once initiated by these Englishmen. I was extremely ‘into’ this band’s music in the beginning of their history (I sort of lost it after Gothic / Icon), but the band for sure is one of the most popular and influential acts on Mater Terra Metalica.


Warbringer is an American trash metal band formed in 2004. They formed the bans when John Laux and Victor Mikhaltsevich met during high school. They shared a strong common interest in Metal and began writing instrumental songs together. Eventually Victor introduced John Kevill to Laux as the new vocalist and immediately a strong creative partnership was forged.

Bleed From Within

Three years on from “Empire”, Bleed From Within completed by guitarists Martyn Evans and Craig Gowans and bassist Davie Provan, are finally ready to launch their next album ‘Uprising’ on the metal world.


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