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Later this year – we’ve entered 2019 in the meantime – Zombiefication will celebrate their twentieth anniversary. Congrats, dear Mexican sweeties! I have been something like a ‘fan’ (damn, what an imbecile description, ‘being a fan’) since I first heard something from them – it must have been in 2012 or 2013, listening to their five-tracker Reaper’s Consecration.


Those who are trusted with Usurpress’ former material might be ‘shocked’, because Ordained did progress quite a lot since 2012’s Trenches Of The Underworld or last year’s split with Bent Sea (which I did like a lot; see review updated on February 23rd 2014). Hell yeah, of course I am exaggerating, but keep this fact in mind, will you.

Horn Of The Rhino

Horn Of The Rhino return with their fourth album, and once again it gets released by Czech label Doomentia Records; why changing a winning team must be their motto. The label even re-issued material from this band when they were acting under the old moniker Rhino.


For a history / biography / discography about this Swedish, excuse me, this Mexican project, I would like to refer to the reviews I did for the Reaper’s Consecration-MCD (posted on December 9th 2012) or the last full length At The Caves Of Eternal (see update June 2nd 2013). As you can see / read, I was enormously enthusiastic about this stuff.

Ordo Inferus

The glorious history, including rise and fall, of the Roman Empire, has been used as lyrical theme by dozens of (Metal) bands before. This goes as well for Ordo Inferus, a young Swedish act with members of e.g. Necrophobic, Excruciate and Nifelheim. Last year they surprised Mater Terra with the short yet highly interesting EP Damnati, and now Ordo Inferus return with their debut full length, Invictus Et Aeternus, done via major Doomentia Records.

Brutally Deceased

Brutally Deceased hail from Czech Republic and they debuted in 2010 with Dead Lovers’ Guide, released via Lavadome Productions. In 2013 they returned with the split-LP Glory Days, Festering Years, in co-operation with Interment. This split was the band’s debut for Doomentia, by the way.


Florence based Italian Speed/ Thrash/ Black Metal act Barbarian [do not confuse with the 2003 founded Heavy/ Thrash Metal act from the Girona area in Spain (which already left us a 3003 demo, a 2006 live album and full-lengths in 2007 and 2009), the 2001 formed Black Metal act from California (which released two 2001 demos - current status uncertain), or the Power/ Thrash Metal American outfit (which only left us a 1987 demo, and definitely no longer active)] was founded in 2009 by the trio of Borys Crossburn on guitar and vocals (also active with C


Italian trio Barbarian (bassist D.D. Prowler, guitar player / vocalist Borys Crossburn, and drummer Lore Steamroller) are a pretty young formation that started as some kind of Hellhammer / Celtic Frost worship-entity. They released an untitled demo-tape in 2010 (self-released), a self-titled mini in 2011 (as a matter of fact, this was the vinyl-edition of the demonstrational recording from 2010), and they contributed on a split with country fellowmen Bunker 66.


I guess it's a fair assumption to state that any artist is into what he does for the appreciation he might get, and generally speaking you'll find 'em pleased to be tagged a certain way, being categorized as belonging to a certain genre or sub-genre. I mean, it's quite “human nature” to “belong” (or appeal) to a certain group of people, right? History however, has shown us that sóme individuals will walk another road, developing artistic styles outside the “norm”...individuals which later gain followers, and which are then seen as pioneers!


Polish band Evangelist consists of members who want to remain anonymous. They are a Christian formation with one full length on their roster, In Partibus Infidelium. Doominicanes is the second one, consisting of five tracks that last for about forty five minutes.

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