Usually I have a hard time with sludge music, and especially the ongoing flood of sludge metal bands is more than I can take. But Moghul (great name) do manage to capture my attention. At a first glance, the two songs don’t sound too spectacular, but the more time you spend with them, the more fascination evolves from this psychedelic doom foursome. Attentive listening reveals how multi-layered the music actually is. The CD contains 2 long tracks running between nine and thirteen minutes and subsists on countless mood swings.

Opium Warlords

Opium Warlords, the brainchild of Sami A. ‘Witchfinder’ Hynninen (whom you might know from e.g. Reverend Bizarre, Spiritus Mortis, Armanenschaft, Lohja SS, Punisment, KLV and several more), return with We Meditate Under The Pussy In The Sky, a five-tracker that lasts for thirty five minutes. We Meditate … is a mainly instrumental record, with an approach rather typifying to Svart Records.


Prototype was formed by two former members of Los Angeles trash band Psychosis. This, I believe, is their third album.

While Prototype cannot deny its trash origins, its music exceeds the limits of the trash genre. They have managed to mix in a good dose of progressive metal, and, very important for me, they have managed to have decent vocals, instead of shouts.

Secret Signs

Based in Madrid, Spain, this band was founded in April 2005 when keyboardist Sergio López and guitarist Jose Manuel Torres met each other through a very popular Internet music forum. Influenced by the likes of Epica, After Forever and Nightwish, their desire was to start a European female fronted Symphonic Metal project. So, with that in mind they first went in search of a rehearsal space, and then went on the lookout for the additional members to complete the line-up.

Suicidal Angels

As most of you might know already, trash metal isn’t my cup of tea.  Which implies that I have suffered enormously listening to this album. This is trash metal at its purest form. Fast, aggressive.  And to make matters even worse the lyrics – I guess they’re English? – are understandable. The drummer is trying to beat the world speed record I guess, but that’s about it.

Why this album, originally released in 2007 had to be rereleased is a mystery to me.

The 9th Cell

The 9th Cell is more a one-man project than a real band, since almost everything on this record was written and played by David Pais, a Portuguese born guy, who has been active in the music business in the past, but this is his very first release on a record label.  He got the aid of some guests for some of the vocals though.


Zaklon are one of the very few bands I know from Belarus (the western part of the former USSR), but with this release they might gain some success outside their home country’s borders. The project was formed at the very end of last century by a guy called Temnarod and this album, with lyrics (again, like the project’s former releases) done in the Belarusian native tongue, was originally recorded during late Spring 2009 and released in a very limited edition in early 2011 through Forestland Prod.

15 Times Dead

Taking influences from some of the major Rock and Metal bands of the past 30 years to create their own sound and style, Glasgow based quartet formed in 2004 (current line-up – possibly the original – consisting of lead singer/ bassist Andy Ritchie, guitarist/ singer Scott Watson, guitarist Tam Ritchie, and drummer William Bownlie), and quickly gained a top spot in the list of must-see bands of the local Metal scene!

Admiral Sir Cloudseley Shovell

Hailing from the historical coastal town Hastings in the South-West of England, this Psychedelic Rock/ Metal band took its name from the popular naval commander of the late 17th - early 18th century, and formed in 2008 as a power trio with a line-up of drummer Bill Darlington, bassist Louis Comfort-Wiggett (formerly of Bronco Bullfrog) and singer (say shouter)/ guitarist Johnny Gorilla...but have apparently been friends for ages beforehand, “...their lineage including more Neo-Psych, Garage, Freakbeat


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