In This Moment

In This Moment is an Californian metal band from Los angeles. The band was formed by vocalist Maria Brink and guitarist Chris Howorth in 2005. Drummer Jeff Fabb joined the collaboration and they started a band under the name Dying Star. But unfortunately they had problems with maintaining a steady line up.

Infernal Death

The Polish band Infernal Death recorded Gniew at Hellsaw Studio with Pawel Bogaczewicz, the band’s drummer, in 2010 and 2011. With this album, completely ‘sung’ in their home country’s native tongue, the quintet brings a form of very down-earthed, primal Death Metal with a splendid equilibrium in between blasting eruptions and totally decelerated parts, breathing a purest feeling of Old School, with, of course, a certain Polish oriented spirit.


This year, Nominon will celebrate their twentieth anniversary, so all together: hurray (20x)!

No thanks, my bold friends…


Polish horde Saratan (Arab for ‘cancer’, if I’m not mistaken) return with their third full length after the recruitment of two new members (formerly and / or currently active in e.g. Mord’A’Stigmata and Witchking). In a couple of months, the quartet will celebrate its tenth anniversary, but in mean time we might welcome a new full length, lasting for thirty seven minutes.

The Earth King

Bart Piette is one of Belgium’s best known artists within the Noise / Electronics / Industrial-scene. Some of the projects he’s involved with, as solo-artist or with partner(s) in crime: Clophill, NDE (with Koen ‘Mürnau’ Osier), Alle Sagen Ja, Experiments In Darkness or, last but certainly not least: Dead Man’s Hill.


NoiseArt Records is a label that is growing enormously. Not that evident, for the Music scene is going through a crisis. In this label’s case it has not to do with signing big-selling commercialised acts, yet with signing qualitative bands. Oke, I do not need to exaggerate, because nobody is to like every single release through NoiseArt; I do not either. But most of the albums (and so it leads to the bands as well, of course) are of a more than average quality.


Not that long after the mini Backroom Eugenics (review in the archives section), which I could appreciate a lot, Swedish combo Zombified return with their second full length (the first one was called Zombified Slaughtermachine).


The main reason why no one outside of Germany has heard of the band 9MM is quite simple: all their songs are in German. Don't let this scare you, because bandleader Rock Rotten and his crew bring these songs in such a way, that the songs just keep sticking to your mind, without even understanding all the lyrics.

Black Burn

Actually this material was compiled and released a while ago, and more than this: this material was written more than thirty years ago (and initially recorded in 1985).

Black Burn is a (Cult) act from Berlin, Germany, that was formed during the very early eighties by Jörg Franke, who was active in legendary bands like Skylla or Calderone (amongst others).

Cnoc An Tursa

Scottish combo Cnoc An Tursa were able to record The Giant Of Auld at the legendary Foel Studio with highly acclaimed producer Chris Fielding at the helm (think: Ageless Oblivion, Moss, Winterfylleth, Primordial, The Wounded Kings etc.). Result: a killer production, of course!


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