Think Of A New Kind

The first thing I read when unpacking this cd was TANK. Alright a new record of the beloved British band is nice present. When taking a closer look to the artwork it appealed to be a bit strange for a band like them, so maybe a band with the same name?  Nope, when taking a look to the side of the cd, there it stood: Think of A New Kind… ToANK… ok, mystery solved then, let’s hear what ToANK has to offer!


The first new Antidote album in 21 years, “No Peace In Our Time”, is a way back to the Old School produced by the band and mastered by Howie Weinberg. Just in time to celebrate the 30-year anniversary of NY hardcore, this album they themselves describe as hard as fuck old school. It also has Agnostic Front Roger Miret on it on the track Rise Above.

Candy Hearts

Candy Hearts are the first to work with Chad Gilbert's new label, Violently Happy Records. Not only that,”The Best Ways to Disappear” is also produced by Chad. So the EP is an indication of what's to come, both the band and the label have options to become the next best thing.

The Meteors

30 years and 40 albums later The Meteors haven't lost a bit of their uncompromising attitude and this new release contains the elements that have always made up The Meteors brand of "Pure Psychobilly".


I don’t think Deep Purple realized what influence they would have on the music business, nor did they have any clue that the band would still exist some 40 years later.  In order to celebrate the anniversary of the release of the ‘Machine Head’ album, Eagle Record sort of re-releases the album, but the songs were covered by various famous and – in our countries that is – less famous artists.


Razzmattazz is a band formed in the German South, but actually only one member was born in Germany, the other two members coming from the UK, being bass player Timothy Toing and finally drummer Matthew Sting coming from Canada.

Vicious Rumors

Having reviewed their latest studio album ‘Razorback Killers’, and rewarding that album with a good score,  I was curious how this live album would sound like.

My first remark is that new singer Brian Allen acquits himself very well of the job but is sometimes struggling with the really high notes in the older songs from the Carl Albert era.  I have no comments to make about the other musicians, it sounds very good.


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