German thrashers Witchburner are active for two decades in mean time, yet still they haven’t gone soft or surrendering. After a couple of line-up changes (new vocalist + new lead guitarist) and after signing to a new label (High Roller), the band returns with full length number seven, Bloodthirsty Eyes. The new stuff lasts for about thirty six minutes.


Aaaahrghhh, my sweet Desaster! Creators of one of my all-time favourite albums, A Touch Of Medieval Darkness (1995), and owners of lots of other ex-cel-lent releases in between their formation during the end of the eighties and their actual presentation. Deutsche Gründlichkeit!

A new epos, done by Odin (b), Infernal (g), Tormentor (d) and Sataniac (v), with Teutonic harshness and Barbaric mercilessness. Hail the goat!


My personal meaning about German Paganers Wolfchant is an ‘up-and-down’ opinion. Both first albums (Bloody Tales Of Disgraced Lands and A Pagan Storm, released in, respectively, 2005 and 2007, through CCP) were acceptable, yet nothing more. Then they signed to Massacre. 2009’s Determined Damnation for sure was their best effort to date, but Call Of The Black Winds (2011) was a disappointing step backwards.

Tellus Requiem

Tellus Requiem comes from Norway, and with this ‘Invictus’, have released their second album so far. Their music is best described as progressive metal, with a prominent role for keyboards.  That does not imply however that the other musicians are no good, far from it.  Their music bristles with unexpected tempo changes, as well as stylistically changes, going from melodic to quite heavy, and even neo-classical.

Lover Under Cover

If you like a good dose of melodic hard rock, than this band might just be the thing you’re looking for. Composed of well versed musicians like Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn’s Dream, Salute) on vocals and keyboards, Perra Johnsson (Coldspell) on drums, and Martin Kronlund (Phenomena, Salute, Gypsy Rose) on guitars, this is a promising new band from Sweden.

German Pascual

When you play this album, and immediately start to think you’ve heard this voice before, you’re right.  German Pascual sang in Swedish band Narnia, with whom he recorded their 7th, and final album ‘Course Of A Generation’.  He then moved to Divine Fire as co-lead singer together with Christian Liljegren.


The story of Fingernails can be traced back to Italy, where this punk/trash metal band was formed in 1981. Witch does explain their punk roots. The band itself already released two full length albums, a to of demos and last year their third studio album entitled "Alles Verboten". Witch honestly is a bit short (punk influences) tracking just over 36 minutes.

Deep Machine

After 31 years, this NWOBHM band Deep Machine returned to the studio to record three new tracks Old favourites like the updated version of ‘Iron Cross’ and ‘Killer’ and one brand new song ‘Whispers In The Black’ that was written by Lenny.

Asylum Pyre

Asylum Pyre released their debut album ‘Natural Instinct’ in 2009.  I seem to have missed this album completely.  Now they’re back with their second opus.  Since their previous album there have been line-up changes, the drummer has been replaced, but also the female front vocalist has changed.

Bad Memories

Well now, ain't this Italian Heavy AOR band a nice surprice to be found on the Perris Records label! That's a statement, not a question, because the keyboard-driven Melodic Heavy Rock tunes Bad Memories brings on its debut album are a far cry from the Glam/ Sleaze acts we usually find on the label.


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