Euphoric Defilement

Since Unique Leader Records are known as one of the most important labels when it comes to ultra-brutal Death Metal releases, fans of this genre really need to check out the debut by Los Angeles-based act Euphoric Defilement!


Voices are a new project with a couple of former Akercocke-members. And those who are trusted with Akercocke might have a clue about what Voices stand for.


Belgian auto-didactic musician / multi-instrumentalist / composer Mathieu Vandekerckhove is known from his activities in acts like AmenRa, Caan, Sembler Deah or Kingdom, but since ten years, he acts as a solo-artist under the moniker of Syndrome as well. In 2011, for example, he did release the surprising full length Floating Veins (on CD and LP, via ConSouling Sounds).


Sweden’s Skineater are some kind of ‘super-band’ with former and current members of e.g. Wombbath, Carnal Forge and Dark Funeral. The combo recorded this first album at the famous Studio Underground with master / mixer Pelle Saether (think: Fleshcrawl, Necrodeath, Throneaeon, As Likely As Not, Days Of Anger a.o.).


Combine Omegamassif plus Entombed plus Pelican plus our own Sardonis plus a Russian name Shakhtyor which means ‘miner’ and you get what?


The Greek band Enshadowed was formed about fifteen years ago and did release a handful of recordings before, mainly through Black Lotus. This new full length was recorded with Septic Flesh’s Fotis Bernardo at Devasoundz Studio, and indeed the production is rather clean yet not too clinical.


Edge, a new band, comes from Sweden, and brings us some fine AOR/Melodic rock.  The band features no less than 3 musicians whom once also played in ShadowlandJonas Forss, Tobias Andersson and finally Olle Rodehn, and it’s line-up is further completed by Torbjörn Brogren (Heads Or Tales).   Special guest on the album is Tommy Denander who plays the guitar solo on one track.


Originally released in 1998 through the very same label, Til Et Annet… was the second recording by Trelldom, a band with Kristian ‘Gaahl’ Espedal – think: Gorgoroth, Gaahlskagg, Sigfader, God Seed. Glad to hear it again, because it has been many years. Not because I dislike the stuff; on the contrary.


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