The first part of a trilogy by legendary Californian act Von. Fifty-five minutes of icy, painful, misanthropic and desolate Aural Darkness.

Gama Bomb

Gama Bomb is an Irish trash metal band, witch was founded by School friends Joe McGuigan (bass) and Philly Byrne (vocals) who met up with Luke Graham in 2002. Soon, they built up a small but loyal following which they consolidated with a rigorous touring schedule and frequent forays into self-released recording. The band first gained attention with their demo entitled The Survival Option in that same year.


This is the first full cd release from Purson who hails from UK, and is one of the best and most original contemporary occult female fronted folk psych/prog bands of recent years.


Hailing from France, Hacride is another entry into the alternative metal field. Hacride take sheer musical force and commanding vocals to new heights. Intricate guitar work collides with masterful tempo changes, the rhythmic patterns are furious yet inventive in their splendour. Luiss Roux’ vocals are an additional strongpoint as they fit in with their sound perfectly, but hopefully he will restrain his singing a little bit, less is more.

Early Cross

From the land of the Rising Sun the debut album from Early Cross has reached us.  This band consists of three male members fronted by a female vocalist.  And they bring us a very good album.


I remember when I bought DAD’s album ‘No Fuel Left For The Pilgrims’, which wasn’t their first album of course, but whatever.  I was greatly impressed by what these guys brought.  Rock music, and even good rock music, with a large dosis of humor, which was quite unusual, and still is.  I also bought the follow up album ‘Riskin’ It All’, and then seem to have lost sight of this band.

Night Ranger

This double CD contains 18 tracks in total two of the tracks rather being a solo then a song, and as a bonus an interview with Brad Gillis and Kelly Keagy.  The songs were recorded in 1997 during a show at the Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo – Japan.


If this is ‘Spain’s leading melodic hard rock’ act, it’s obvious the Spanish scene must not have much on offer.  Not that this album ‘Changes’, the fourth studio album so far for Airless is a bad album, but it’s certainly not original.

October Falls

October Falls were once formed as an acoustic Folk-project by Mikko Lehto. The first releases were rather traditional / classical in approach, but throughout the years the project did introduce elements from Metal in general, and Black Pagan Metal more specifically.


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