Cyanide 4

Athens based Sleaze/ Glam Metal act Cyanide 4 have been at it for quite a while now, having been founded in 2008, same year as in which G.A. Sinn (lead vocals & rhythm guitar), Johxnyy Slut (lead guitar), Nasty George (bass) and Alex Rated (drums) released their debut demo Complex.

Ritual Killing

Ritual Killing are a German Thrash-combo, formed in 2008 in Cobourg and rather inspired by the American scene than the European in general, or the German one more specifically. And with ‘American’ I’m referring to both the North and South American scene.

Zico Chain

First of all, a short apology for the very, very late review of this album, something which happened to quite a few albums put to my care, I'm afraid, and which was originated by several negative events outside my personal sphere of influence. Regretfully, the bulk of those events caused me to suffer from a writers' block during several months, and it's only at the start of this year that I've been able to start catching up with everything that's been piling up.

Guns of Glory

Guns of Glory is a Finnish band made up of four young machos releasing their debut record. The album holds nine straightforward rock & roll songs. It is very clear that these guys get inspired by bands as Guns n’ Roses, Motley Crue, Danger Danger, Love/Hate, AC/DC, Rose Tattoo etc. The lyrics are also much straightforward with none of the ideological/political/philosophical themes about anything. They deal only with women, drinking, love/hate relation ships and partying in general.


Starting out somewhere on 2009, they had the intention of delivering the best heavy metal they could. And so Screamer grew into one of the hardest touring demo bands in Sweden (or so they say). However, they did release a demo after only 2 months and a truck loads of shows following after that release.

In total they performed well over a 100 shows in Sweden or the rest of Europe in witch they had their first headline tour last year. And their debut album should have gotten nominated for album of the year according to critics.


Seamount were formed about five years ago as a co-operative in between Germany and the U.S.aaj. In their short history, this band did perform on more than just a couple of great events, and they did release several albums, as from 2009 on their current label, The Church Within Records.


This is their fifth studio album since this Swedish band was formed in 2004.  And as before they’ve made a fine album.  Not that it brings anything new to us. Far from that. This album, as were their previous albums, is chock full of stereotypes and clichés of the genre.

Actually their music can best be described as a mix of Manowar, Iron Maiden, Sabaton, Judas Priest, and maybe I could name a few others.


Forget the samba, and listen to Scelerata, a metal band hailing from, yes you’ve guessed it right, Brazil.  This is their third release so far, their debut album ‘Darkness And Light’ having been released in 2006


Warnot is a project by former Cloudscape guitarist Björn Eliassion.  He left Cloudscape in 2009, and started working on his own musical project, which ended as this album under the name Warnot.


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