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Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part euh...four (for details, see review David J Caron, posted a couple of weeks ago – with an apology from my part for not following the first parts more swiftly, but conditions at work were just too hectic and demanding, and I even suffered a short illness)!

Luke Fortini

And...Casket Music/ Copro Records catch-up, part five (for details, see David J Caron review posted a couple of weeks ago)!

Although Luke Fortini (actual name Luca) is presented to us here as an individual artist, he is not an unwritten entity within his country's musical community, from which he's even gone international playing guitar in Paul Di'Anno's band from 2002 to 2005 (playing many gigs allover Europe).


Casket Music/ Copro Records – Catch-up, part One! (for details, see review David J. Caron)Getting straight into the nitty-gritty of things, Audiobreed is a Heavy Rock/ Southern Rock/ Stoner Rock act founded in Piraeus (Athens), Greece, during the year 2008.


Despite two decades of activity, and despite an enormous fan-base (Solitary have a well-populated fan club, listening to the name of The Unidentified), I Promise To Thrash Forever isn’t but the first live album by UK Thrash-masters Solitary. Okay, they are not known for a constant release of studio material either, as you might know. The material on this live registration was recorded at the end of last year in Selby, England.


The foundation of this Dutch Melodic Death Metal act goes back to the year 2001, when lead guitarist/ singer Mike Oude Geerdink and drummer Bob Stolk started jammin' together on an haunted attic of an old building of their hometown Ede, in the North of Holland.

Mind Structure

Very little info is available about this Ukrainian Melodic Metal act, due in part because they still have their own website (www.) under construction, and in part because I still cannot log onto MySpace with the network PC I use to retrieve info off the Internet.


Not to be confused with the two other bands by the same name [both still in existence, one from Brazil (play Black Metal since 2006 and have thus far only released a demo that same year) and one from Mexico (a Death/ Black Metal outfir in existence since 2002 which as thus far delivered a 2004 single and a 2005 full-length)] this Bessude (Sardinia) based Italian Brutal Black/ Death Metal act was founded way back in January 2003 by the trio of lead singer/ bassist Luigi Cara, guitarist Andrea Sechi, and drummer Giampiero Serra...whom added a


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