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The Order Of The Solar Temple

Ach...every once in a far too rare blue moon, some record company will come along with an almost perfect description of one of their new releases. That being the case with this Vancouver based Canadian act, I felt I could not deprive you, dear reader, of exactly those words...so here they are (adapted, in small details, to comply with our website's rules, of course)!

Chaos Moon

Chaos Moon are a one-man project by Alex Poole, who’s currently of formerly involved with bands and projects like In Ruins, Lithotome, Esoterica (I would invite you to see read the review on the superb new album Aseity, posted on March 24th 2014 on this site), Coffin or Krieg a. o. He started this project with the goal to create his own vision on Black Aural Art, and he recorded some EP’s and two full length albums.

Spectral Lore

Spectral Lore are a Greek one-man project, formed in 2005 by Ayloss, whom you might recognise as well from Divine Element or his assistance for Warbled Arma. He created and released several recordings under this moniker, including I and II (how original), as well as some splits (amongst which one with Locust Leaves, and via the current label, the mighty I, Voidhanger Records, one with Mare Cognitum).


Revelation is the first full length studio album by Malhkebre, despite about twelve years of existence. In the past there was a very limited demo-cassette, an EP (Prostration) and a split-EP (with Aosoth), and that’s it. At the other hand, the band built up a fine live reputation, having shared the stages with the likes of Hell Militia, Antaeus, Ofermod, Embrace Of Thorns, Deströyer 666 etc.


Lorn are an Italian band that were formed more than a decade ago. They released an album in 2006 (Towards The Abyss Of Disease via Eerie Art Records) and some really splendid splits (!!!). The trio recently signed to one of my actual favourite labels, I, Voidhanger Records, in order to release the second full studio record, called Subconscious Metamorphosis, an album with a total running time of an hour.


Known mainly as the founder of superb doomsters Orodruin and now defunct black metallers Crucifist, John Gallo has many alter egos and exciting musical incarnations though Blizaro is certainly the most adventurous and unpredictable of all.

Midnight Odyssey & The Crevices Below & Tempestuous Fall

Everything I, Voidhanger Records (an independent division of Aeternitas Tenebrarum Music Foundation aka ATMF Records) do is of a superior quality. This wonderful label releases nothing but excellent stuff, and this time it is not different. With Converge, Rivers Of Hell, this Italian label compiles material from three solo-projects by an Australian guy who calls himself Dis Pater (I have no idea who the person behind those projects is, but actually it does not matter, does it).


Ævangelist are a Benighted In Sodom-side project, consisting of Ascaris and Matron Thorn. To the core, this project differs a lot from Benighted In Sodom. As a matter of fact, Ævangelist are different from any known music-k-al entity all over the world.

Nar Mattaru

Nar Mattaru are a band from Chile, consisting of two members of the original line-up of Chilean cult-act Dominus, Francisco Bravo (b, g) and Andrés Gonzales (d) (later: Dominus Xul). A first official effort was done in 2009: the demo In The Black Spheres Of Time, featuring vocalist (read: throat) Carlos Artarys.

The Wakedead Gathering

The label I, Voidhanger gave us the honourful opportunity to load down a handful of recordings that were officially released on October 16th of the long-forgotten year 2012. I do have the honour to listen to this stuff and, despite two boxes filled with new material still waiting to be reviewed, I’ll try to write down my subjective yet, of course, intensively professional and thrilling opinion ‘bout them as soon as possible.

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