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Hailing from the Antwerp regions (Flanders, Belgium), Axident are a very young outfit, conceived with one goal: to thrash the masses! This band was formed in 2022, I mean, four guys came together to jam and to annoy their neighbours with some loud, sonic assaults. Eventually they had some tracks written, and a couple of live gigs strengthened their future; Slayer, Metallica, Sodom, who? Forget about them, for Axident will overwhelm the scene mercilessly.


I guess it would sound like an exaggeration to call this band a ‘super-group’, yet still it is formed by, and consists of, three experienced musicians from French soil. This ‘result of an instant jolt that leads a man to leave a trace of the intangible evil that takes possession of him everyday’ was formed not that extremely long ago by drummer Naja-Atra (also known from e.g.


I did not know the band with the unpronounceable name H, even-though they were already formed in 2015 or so. But that can be, for they did not release anything official yet until now. This Italian act was ‘born with the idea to create something extreme that fits both their musical inspiration and tradition’. The main intention was to establish a concept based on John’s The Apocalypse - the biblical epos, if you want to - written by one of the ‘legendary’ evangelists.

Dead Serious

[short review on an older release, but it’s worth waiting for, because it’s my review, haha]

No, I am dead serious about this, since it’s a nice day today…

various artists (Sounds Of Hell Series Volume IV)

The compilation Sounds Of Hell Series Volume IV is, indeed, the fourth one in a series compiled by Sounds Of Hell, a young yet deeply dedicational label from Flemish soil (the ancient-historic city of Diest, more specifically, in case of interest). The series focuses on lesser known and not that unknown bands and projects from the Benelux area (i.e. Belgium, Holland and, who knows, Luxembourg too).


When the Hasselt (Flanders) based act Quaedt disbanded, a couple of its members, in collaboration with colleagues from Natan (also put to rest in the meantime), wanted to continue somehow. They created a handful of songs, which they gathered under the new band-name Ill (‘ill’, not the Latin number ‘3’). The purpose was to combine the blackened approach from the past with elements from Doom and Psychedelic influences.

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